This platform is ideal for businesses interested in having a team work together on projects, while also offering the convenience of working from an iOS or Android device.
John Boitnott, Inc. Magazine

Real Time Analytics

Capture Interactions

Automatically capture interactions between your end users and your application. Every touch, click, swipe or other activity within your application is relayed back to Cloud CMS and recorded.

Interaction data is automatically stored and reduced allowing you to report on it by geolocation, user agent, session, user, content, page and DOM element.

Custom Events

Define custom events using the Cloud CMS complex event processing engine. Register listeners that pay attention to incoming interactions and make time-sensitive decisions about when to trigger your custom events.

Custom events let you define conversion goals. For example, you might define conversions for when customers within a specific demographic read a content article, touch to call a vendor or interact with maps.

Real-time Reports

Reports are populated in real-time using integrated map-reduce for all incoming interactions and triggered custom events. Once you define a custom event, Cloud CMS will begin collecting and aggregating data around it.

View your conversions and instantly see what triggered them, breaking down grouped interactions by user agent, geolocation, page, user information and more.

Key Features

Interaction Capture

Automatic capture of interaction events as users are clicking, touching and swiping at your application.


Data Warehouses store event information and instantly organize it into reports that let you see the impact of your content items, pages, users, geolocations, tags and more.


Define custom events that you're interested in and instantly view reports to gain insight into how those events are triggered.


Measure which content, tags, users and user demographics are most effective at producing target conversions for your application.


Run reports across the data collected in your warehouse or export to third party tools.


Create as many data warehouses as you would like for campaigns, applications, projects or other events.