"This platform is ideal for businesses interested in having a team work together on projects, while also offering the convenience of working from an iOS or Android device."
John Boitnott
John Boitnott, Journalist
Inc. Magazine

Content API fueled by JSON

Direct API access
Custom Middle tier
NodeJS module
Turnkey solution

Our Content API adheres to RESTful standards and delivers over 1,300 methods for use in everything from CRUD operations to runtime rendering of content.

All network communication is secure over HTTPS/SSL and uses OAuth2 for two-factor authentication.

Client Libraries

Plug in one of our pre-built client libraries to connect your new or existing apps to the cloud.

Libraries are available for JavaScript/HTML5, Node.js and Java and work across many frameworks including Android, iOS, Appcelerator Titanium, PhoneGap, Sencha Touch and jQuery Mobile.

The Cloud CMS SDK

The Cloud CMS SDK includes sample projects written for a variety of frameworks that you can use as a starting point for learning about Cloud CMS or building your own apps.

It's freely available and open source Apache 2.0 on GitHub. Simply clone to your local computer and start building straight away.

Build your prototype now!

JSON + Binary Attachments

Every piece of content stored as simple JSON that you query and search against using SQL-like queries and full-text search. Performance is fast with no penalty for serialization, it's JSON all the way down.

In addition, store one or more binary attachments per content object and stream back to your application to support features like thumbnail generation, instant preview and mimetype transformation.

Field Select, Sorting and Pagination

Query and search for content while taking advantage of field-level selection to reduce the size of your content payload over the wire. Keep things short and sweet!

Take advantage of built-in field-level sorting and paginated result sets to finely control the amount of data and response time of your requests.

Changeset Versioning

All content is stored in a changeset-versioned repository that is very similar in design to that of Git or Mercurial. Every transaction writes to its own changeset so that nothing gets lost. You can always roll back to any point in time.

Capture everything safely and take advantage of scheduled publishing built around branching, merging and collaborative workspaces.

Templating Friendly

Plug your JSON result sets and objects into templates that execute server-side to do work for you such as automatic generation and sending of emails, workflow notifications and invitations using Freemarker and/or Handlebars.

In addition, all client-side data remains in template-friendly JSON format so that you can dish out markup generation using Handlebars, Dust.js, Mustache, Underscore templates and more!

Custom Application Servers

Need custom controllers or server-side application logic for your mobile app? Cloud CMS provides an application server written in Node.js / Express that you can easily extend for this purpose.

Write your own controllers and take advantage of our prebuilt Cloud CMS module for Node.js to provide virtualized content retrieval, instant preview, preview image generation, login / registration services and much more for your mobile apps.

API Explorer

Browse through the content API via our user-friendly explorer interface. Discover useful methods, inspect data arguments and return structures.

The API Explorer is the most efficient way to discover all of the capabilities your app can plug into.