"I have successfully tested the integration of Cloud Cms within our PhP project. I am very pleased with the system and the API.

It was quite a learning curve, but what I discovered is a very powerful instrument and that it is quite easy to use when you get the hang of it. Your team has been really helpful in the process."
Samuel Pouyt
Samuel Pouyt, Web Specialist
European Respiratory Society

Run your Applications on Cloud CMS

Hosted Applications

Cloud CMS provides hosting servers for your HTML5 applications, allowing you to make changes and quickly bring your apps online for test, QA and live audiences.

Bring your applications online quickly to both preview and serve your final product. Cloud CMS generates a custom URL for your app to let you share your work right away.

One Click Deployment

Manage the deployment of your applications with the touch of a button. Deploy your apps to Cloud CMS, Heroku, Engine Yard and other providers without the need for IT intervention.

Connect your application to GitHub so that source code will be automatically checked out and built when your application is deployed.

Application Services

Take advantage of Cloud CMS services for user registration, account management, password resets, sending emails and managing page settings right from within your app.

HTML5 applications running on Cloud CMS may utilize virtualized content retrieval, preview/thumbnail generation, Web Content Management, server-side tag processing, forms, wizards and authentication handlers.

Key Features

Application Hosting

Cloud CMS will host your applications online and manage everything for you.

One Click Deployment

Deploy your applications with a single click to bring them online at their own unique URL.

GitHub Source

While deploying, we will automatically pull your source code from GitHub and deploy it, letting you customize your app as you'd like.

Tag Processing

Take advantage of server-side tags that offer a no-coding method of retrieving content and displaying it in your apps.

Cloud Front

Automatic CDN integration into Cloud Front for performance optimization and caching.

Host Anywhere

In addition, deploy your apps to Heroku, Engine Yard or any other hosting provider that can connect to Cloud CMS.