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Coming Soon - Cloud CMS 4.0

We have been working diligently for some time on our new release Cloud CMS 4.0. The release includes enhancements and new features which will allow for a simpler and faster editorial process with more control of the publishing process. Cloud CMS 4.0 has grown into a significant release and in my unbiased opinion looks great. Cloud CMS is designed to scale to meet the ever growing needs of the enterprise with content and publishing reliably to numerous channels.

Starting with a reassurance: Cloud CMS has all the features which are in Cloud CMS 3.2 and more. We have extended Cloud CMS 3.2 which means that existing APIs and scripts will continue to work.

In planning this release the objectives were:

  1. Improve usability
  2. Provide powerful permissions with the new Access Policy feature
  3. Improve performance and add granular scheduling to publishing
  4. Provide accurate and timely reporting on Publishing and the status of published content

What's new

The following enhancements Cloud CMS 4.0 provide robust and powerful solutions for meet your content and publishing needs:


With 4.0 we provide the tools to give you confidence that what you publish is on the target(s). This value proposition should not be understated - getting this right is so fundamental for the business.

  • Fast and Efficient: will only publish new content, and updated content, and unpublished related content
  • Can schedule publishing for a single change or multiple changes
  • Accurate content deployment status and reporting


Look and Feel

The UI in Cloud CMS 4.0 is a much more enjoyable experience. There are many changes providing a crisper UI including fonts, themes, tweaks here and there, and more editorial space where needed.

  • Updated Navigation providing to simplify the editorial process
  • Publish, Edit in Draft, Unpublished buttons have been replaced with Editorial Tasks
  • More space to view and edit content
  • Easy to configure Themes and CSS


Access Policies

An easy and powerful way to describe the access control that should be granted. Provides unbounded granular control for all access across all content for all users

Across Projects: Example, create an access policy to grant a user Consumer role for content in Project A and Project B.

By Role or Function: Example, create an access policy to grant editor role for all Spanish content


Editorial Tasks

A lot of ideas came together in Cloud CMS 4.0. A key feature is the Editorial Task. This is a ‘mini’ branch for making your editorial changes (large or small) safely. This enables changes to grouped to together, in a task/unit of work, and then published. Changes can be tracked and reviewed.

Key features

  • Work as a team or individually
  • When finished schedule now or in the future
  • Approval process to review, accept/reject changes
  • Track changes and tasks




Subtle enhancements have made searching for content easier and faster:

Search Results with highlighted search terms The search term is now highlighted in the search results saving you time to scan through the content types and properties to find exactly where the term is used.

Saved Searches it is easy to build focused and specific searches on your content using the filter options. In addition, you can save these searches for future use and customize the format of the results for reporting. The search results can be easiliy exported to Excel, CSV, ZIP.

Search across Projects More power.. Search across projects at Platform level in the UI or in a single API request. Perhaps to confirm the content is in both Author and Live projects?, or validation required across projects? ..


More Information

If you want to find out more, demo, request a free trial please contact us at