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"I have been searching for a product like Cloud CMS for over 10 years.

After false starts with some typical content management solutions, we were finally able to design the content repository that our business required."
James Baddiley
James Baddiley, CEO

Comparison: Cloud CMS vs DIY

Not sure whether to build or buy? Review these points to help guide your selection.

Why DIY:

  • exact fit with your technology stack
  • use existing in-house skills and resources
    • build only the features you need
    • able to add new features as required
    • use existing developers for support
  • cost / budget - internal
    • no need for external services to deliver and support product
  • can be a ‘skunk works’ project

Why not DIY:

  • Risk (more complex than it looks)
    • time/effort/cost are all easy to under-estimate
    • CMS requirements can be extensive
      • what happens if it can’t be built in a timely manner?
      • distraction from core business
  • must maintain skills and in-house knowledge
    • to support, upgrade, and enhance
  • may have technical skills but unlikely to have CMS product experience

Why Cloud CMS:

  • Minimizes risk
    • exists today with the features you need
    • already built (many years of blood, sweat, and tears)
    • if you require a new feature talk to us…
    • discovered and conquered many development hurdles
  • fits with your stack
    • scalable and elastic
    • allows you to concentrate on your business now and in the future
  • lower financial risks with a SaaS model
    • Proven TTV
  • This is our business: we are the experts

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