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"I have been searching for a product like Cloud CMS for over 10 years.

After false starts with some typical content management solutions, we were finally able to design the content repository that our business required."
James Baddiley
James Baddiley, CEO

Views based on Role in Cloud CMS Trial

We appreciate your interest in Cloud CMS and know your time is valueable. Therefore we have been improving the Cloud CMS Trial to help make it easier for you find the features you are trying to demonstrate.

1. Views based on Role

Different users have different requirements of a CMS and how they need to interact with the CMS. For example, a Web Editor needs to be easily search and edit content, whereas, a developer needs to be able administer and configure the CMS for the users and also to interface with the outside world. We have set up some typical users in the Trial to help you visualize how Cloud CMS could work for you and your users.

  1. Wendy: Web Editor. Work with content entry forms to create, edit and release content to your live web sites and mobile applications. Instant Preview lets you see how your changes would look on the live web site. Scheduled Publishing lets you lock in future release dates for your changes.


  1. Dave: Document Manager. Work with desktop files, upload, categorized and tag documents for full-text search and retrieval. Wire up business rules to automatically fire off web hooks, send emails and much more as documents move between folders or update in their lifecycle.


  1. Bernard: Developer. Write code to connect your web sites and mobile apps to the Cloud CMS API to query, search and traverse the content graph. Design content models and forms to let your editorial team easily work with well-structured data.


2. Sample Project

We have combined the Sample projects and automatically installed them in the Trial. This saves some steps and also gives you a sample web project, deployed sample site, and an example books Document management project.

3. Releases

Releases are a powerful feature in Cloud CMS. They give your content team the ability to use Scheduled Publishing. Releases build on top of the underlying Branching capabilities of Cloud CMS. They utilize branches under the hood while providing easy-to-navigate workspaces, activity tracking and scheduled publishing. Releases are often used to produce a final content production for release at a future date, often to a web site, mobile applications, catalog or external data store. An example release is is setup for Wendy the Editor to explore:


4. API

We’ve prepared some easy-to-run examples. Bernard the Developer can now easily downlaod them:


Good luck with your CMS evaluation

I hope this article encourages you to start a trial. If you have a question, or cannot find a feature you are looking for, or have a suggestion - please Contact Us.

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