"This platform is ideal for businesses interested in having a team work together on projects, while also offering the convenience of working from an iOS or Android device."
John Boitnott
John Boitnott, Journalist
Inc. Magazine

Digital Asset Management

Cloud CMS enables flexible control over the full spectrum of digital assets, regardless of format - documents, images, and videos are stored and secured natively - and made reusable across your entire team.

Once collected, we'll provide complete versioning, metadata / tagging, transcoding, and watermarking. All assets are fully indexed and searchable. Additional features such as multilingual support may be activated at any time.

For a quick tour of these in action, checkout the video on this page or try for yourself by following any of the steps outlined below.

Video of metadata management (1 min)

Try for Yourself

JSON and Binary Attachments

Every piece of content in Cloud CMS consists of a JSON document with optional binary attachments. Cloud CMS automatically performs content extraction, full-text search indexing and transformations of binary attachments for many popular mimetypes, including most image, audio and video files.

Just upload your content and enjoy. Chances are that Cloud CMS knows how to handle your file types.

Model your Content

The real power begins once you define custom content types. Your content types define specific metadata properties and also endow your content with feature-driven behaviors.

Features and Behaviors

Plugging new behaviors onto your content types is as easy as tagging them with a feature. For example, you can add watermarking behavior by giving your content type the f:watermarkable feature. Configure it with your custom watermark image and Cloud CMS will apply it to all of your content instances.

Wire together your Digital Library

Choose from any of 20+ out-of-the-box features to empower your digital content with new capabilities including:

  • Thumbnail Generation
  • Preview Image Generation for various form factors (iPad, Android, more)
  • Watermarking
  • Transformation, Conversion and Scaling
  • Token Extraction and Indexing
  • Rendition Generation into alternate output formats

Key Features

  • Watermark


    Maintain one or more images to "stamp" systematically, and consistently, across your entire digital library.

  • File Types

    File Types

    Upload your desktop document formats including Microsoft Office and PDF. Use document preview and inline editors to make changes right away.

  • Security

    Enterprise Security

    Finely grained object-level permissions and role-based authorities let you implement your security policy while letting teams collaborate efficiently.

  • Transform


    Convert your assets from one file type to another (such as Word to PDF). Resize images and apply templates to produce exactly what you need.

  • Workflow


    Define your business processes for managing the lifecycle and approval of content, spanning your team members, multiple tasks and interactive forms.

  • WebDAV and FTP

    WebDAV and FTP

    Access your content from your Windows, Linux or MacOSX. Drag-and-drop files right into Cloud CMS or double-click to open in your desktop editor.

  • Thumbnail


    Generate preview images for any content item within in your repository, whether ad hoc or stored

  • Full-text Search

    Full-text Search

    Everything is automatically indexed so that you can search and find content at any time, across all of your projects, using simple text or a Google-like syntax.

  • Tagging


    Tag content to automatically capture relationships between content. Query and pivot on tags and classifiers to discover other related content.