"This platform is ideal for businesses interested in having a team work together on projects, while also offering the convenience of working from an iOS or Android device."
John Boitnott
John Boitnott, Journalist
Inc. Magazine

Document Management

Cloud CMS allows you to store and manage all types of documents centrally - including Microsoft® Office and PDF files - without installing any new hardware or software.

As you upload each document, we'll handle its secure storage and immediately enable versioning, indexing, metadata / tagging, and commenting. Additional features such as multilingual support may be activated at any time.

For a quick tour of these in action, checkout the video on this page or try for yourself by following any of the steps outlined below.

Video of core document management and multilingual capabilities (5 min)

How it Works

The Document Library

Every project you create has it's own document library, letting you invite collaborators, grant roles and rights and work with documents right from your desktop.

Upload your Documents

Drag and drop documents right from your desktop or upload them via the web interface. If you use WebDAV, FTP or CMIS, connect to Cloud CMS to copy files right into place. Cloud CMS supports popular file formats including Microsoft Office, PDF, images, audio and video formats.

Edit Properties and add Metadata

Everything in Cloud CMS is point and click. Add metadata to your documents using forms or by working with simple mobile-friendly JSON. Everything from content modeling to server-side scriptable behaviors is configuration-driven. No coding. No server restarts.

Assign Tasks using Workflow

Take control of the lifecycle of your documents. Assign content editing tasks to other collaborators and track the execution of those tasks from start to completion.

Preview your Documents

As changes are made to your documents, view them right away within Cloud CMS. No third-party plugins or extensions required. Everything runs right in your browser on your desktop or mobile device.

Explore Comments, Tags and additional Features

Your documents can now take advantage of everything the underlying content graph has to offer, including comments, tags, search, structured query and the entire content modeling facility and data dictionary.

Key Features

  • File Types

    File Types

    Upload your desktop document formats including Microsoft Office and PDF. Use document preview and inline editors to make changes right away.

  • Security

    Enterprise Security

    Finely grained object-level permissions and role-based authorities let you implement your security policy while letting teams collaborate efficiently.

  • Teams


    Organize your projects and business users into teams to easily delegate roles and access rights, letting people work together seamlessly.

  • Workflow


    Define your business processes for managing the lifecycle and approval of content, spanning your team members, multiple tasks and interactive forms.

  • WebDAV and FTP

    WebDAV and FTP

    Access your content from your Windows, Linux or MacOSX. Drag-and-drop files right into Cloud CMS or double-click to open in your desktop editor.

  • Content Model

    Content Models

    Customizable content models including type, association and property definitions with inheritance, relationships and schema-level validation.

  • Full-text Search

    Full-text Search

    Everything is automatically indexed so that you can search and find content at any time, across all of your projects, using simple text or a Google-like syntax.

  • Tagging


    Tag content to automatically capture relationships between content. Query and pivot on tags and classifiers to discover other related content.

  • Email


    Connect Cloud CMS to your Email Server to receive project and workspace invites, workflow notifications and task summary reminders each day.