QName: f:transcodeable

Applying this feature allows files associated with content to be automatically transcoded according to the configuration.

One or more transcodings can be specified in the feature, allowing for multiple input files.


Property Type Default Read-Only Description
type string Provider type ID for the transcoder you are using. See the article for your transcoder in the Available Transcoders section to find its ID.
transcodings array Array of transcodings to be performed. The options available for each transcoding are dependent on the provider.

Example 1

This example has one transcoding using Amazon Elastic Transcoder, and has one output file:

    "mandatoryFeatures": {
        "f:transcodable": {
            "type": "aws",
            "transcodings": [
                    "pipelineId": "P1P3L1N31D",
                    "presetIds": ["1351620000001-300010"],
                    "inputPropertyName": "theInputKey",
                    "outputPropertyName": "theOutputKeys"