Example Publishing Setup

Following are the steps to config a typical Publishing setup:

Step 1: Create Projects

Create two projects one for the Authoring and another to handle contents published as Live,

  1. Create an "Authoring" project

  2. Create a "Live" Project

Step 2 : Create a Deployment Target

Deployment Target is the endpoint where the package will be deployed or sent.

  • Go to Manage Platform

  • Go to Deployment Targets under Deployment Left Navigation Menu

  • Click on Create a Deployment Target

    Title : "Live Web Site"

    Deployment Target Type : "Branch"

  • Click on Next

  • For Deployment Target Configuration:

  • Select the Target Project which in this case is Project Live

  • Select the Branch of Live Project

  • Click on Create

You can set up the target endpoints as Amazon S3 bucket, FTP servers, File System or any CloudCMS branches on same cluster or some remote cluster located in another data center somewhere else in the world.

Following is an example to set-up a Deployment Target that uploads to Amazon S3 Bucket

Provide all the required information like the Access Key, Secret Key, Region and Bucket Name.

Step 3 : Create a Deployment Receiver

Deployment receivers are the endpoints that seek to ship the package to a destination. You can have any number of receivers as you like. One receiver can be set up to deploy to one project, another can deploy to another project.

  • Go to Deployment Receivers from Deployment Left Navigation Menu under Manage Platform

  • Click on Create a Deployment Receiver

    Title : "Deploy to Live Website"

    Deployment Targets : Select the Deployment Target Live Website we created.

    You can allow remote access to this deployment receiver from the outside world by checking the Remote Access checkbox.

  • Click on Next and then on Create

Step 4 : Enable Publishing for Authoring Project

To publish the content from Authoring project to Live Project :

  • Go to Authoring project

  • Go to Manage Project

  • Go to Publishing from Configure Project Left Navigation Menu

  • Check Enable Publishing for this Project and Click on Update

    This will automatically set up :

    1. Lifecycle States like Draft and Live states

    2. Authoring/Production preview endpoints

    3. The default simple Workflow Models for Publish and Unpublish workflows.

For more information and to configure these settings, please go through our Publishing documentation.

Step 5 : Add a Publication

This will tell the system that whenever content on “master” branch of Authoring project goes to Live state, it should be pushed to the Live Website target deployment i.e the Live Project.

  • Go to Publishing from Configure Project Left Navigation Menu under Authoring Manage Project

  • Click on Add a Publication

    Branch : Select the Master Branch of the Authoring Project

    Deployment Targets : Select Live Website Deployment Target

  • Click on Add Publication

Publishing Content from Authoring Project to Live Project

Once you have followed all the above steps and Enabled and set-up Publishing for Authoring Project:

  • Go back to the "Authoring" Project

  • Create a piece of content. For example, Article 1 of Content Type Article

  • Click on the Content Article1

    You will now see a "HUD" section which lets you Preview the content on Authoring Preview Endpoint and Change the Document's Lifecycle State from Draft to Live.

  • To Publish the content to Live Project, Click on Publish and Provide some comment for the task and Click on Complete.

    This will start a Publish workflow and Deploy the content to Live Project and also Change the Content Lifecycle State to Live.

    Once you click on Publish, the Publishing hud will let you you Preview the content on Production Preview Endpoint and will let you Edit or Unpublish the Content.

  • To Verify the content was deployed to Live Project, Go to Live Project, Go to Content Article and verify if the content was deployed.