Add a User to a Project

First step is to create the user.

  • Switch to Platform level. Click the Tenant logo. E.g. On the Trial click on the Cloud.
  • Click 'Member' (left nav) and '+Create User'
  • Enter the values on the forms and 'Save'.

Result: User is now created.

  • Note: The new user will not be able to see any projects when they login
  • the new user will be seen in the Tenant members list and will be available to be added as an 'existing user' to any project

Second Step is to add the user to a Project

  • As Admin or Project owner select the project you want to add the user to.
  • Select Members (left Nav) -> add existing user.
  • select the user to add to the project


  • The new user will be in the Project Users team in the project (read only)
  • the new user can be seen in the Project members list

Third step is to Add the user to the Project Teams

e.g. user needs to be able to edit

  • Select the user in the Project members list. Double click on a Member name will bring up the Project Member View
  • Select Teams. The Teams the user is a member will be listed
  • Click '+Add User to a Team'
  • This list will show Teams available for this project. (If the team if not available you will need to create the team and then return to this step). If the Team(s) exist select the teams


  • The new user will be in the Project Users team to the project with the access allowed for the selected Team(s)