How does Cloud CMS compare to Contentful?

Not sure which CMS is a better fit?

Review these points to help guide your selection.


Cloud CMS


Ease of Use

Implements a role-based UI to accommodate various functions.

Simple user interface for defining content types and instances.

Update Strategy

Documents are published individually, or as part of larger change sets.

Documents are published one-by-one.

Workflow Process

Flexible workflow capability.

Allows teams and roles to be created along with a workflow designer for defining content production process and constraints.

No online workflow capability.

API Access

Fully bidirectional, “API first” design

Fully bidirectional, “API first” design

Deployment Options

SaaS and / or On-Premise

(Docker images)

SaaS only

Security for Assets

Allows assets to be delivered via either CDN or Web API – with full security available.

Uses CDN for all static assets, requiring them to be publicly available.

Pricing Factors

Based solely on your desired SLA

Pre-defined tiers with a fixed number of

  • Editors
  • Content entries
  • API calls / CDN hits