"The only difference between Cloud CMS and your current on-premise document repository is that you don't have to worry about software or hardware installation and upgrades any longer."
Jeff Potts
Jeff Potts, Founder
Metaversant Group

Latest Updates


View various Roles in the Cloud CMS Trial

We have been improving the Cloud CMS Trial to help make it easier for you find the features you are trying to demonstrate. Different users have different requirements of a CMS and how they need to interact with the CMS. For example, a Web Editor needs to be easily search and edit content, whereas, a developer needs to be able administer and configure the CMS for the users and also to interface with the outside world. We have set up some typical users in the Trial to help you visualize how Cloud CMS could work for you and your users.


Significant Cloud CMS performance improvements in latest release

Cloud CMS has undergone a number of performance tweaks resulting in a significant improvement in the UI. The performance tweaks are on-going and we expect more improvements in the coming weeks. Feedback is important to us. Please let us know what you think Contact Us.


Latest Docker Release Enables Cloud CMS as a Microservice

While bundling various tiers into container images, Cloud CMS realized that it had already gone a long way toward defining a proper set of microservices. Docker formalized this reality by providing a way to package service code as well as automate the necessary testing and deployment.


Cloud CMS CTO presenting at QCon Developer Conference in New York (June 15)

Michael Uzquiano, CTO of Cloud CMS, will present "No REST - Architecting Realtime Bulk Async APIs" at QCon New York on June 15th, 2016.


ChilliSauce optimizes core business processes with Cloud CMS

Previously, ChilliSauce had to create complex table structures in multiple products. With Cloud CMS, they've now built a comprehensive, core data model directly into a single system.


Alpaca 1.5.15 Released

The 1.5.15 release of Alpaca Forms is now available. Alpaca is the open-source Cloud CMS forms engine built on jQuery, Twitter Bootstrap and Node.js.


3 key improvements at Cloud CMS.

While many are done behind-the-scenes, here are a few highlights from the last month.


AlpacaJS Meetup Group founded in Sydney!

Have a squiz at our expanding Australian team. Especially those interested in AlpacaJS


New season, new features

Whichever side of the equator you fall on, the Cloud CMS team has been busy extending our solutions to aid in your next project.


How we use Docker at Cloud CMS

At Cloud CMS, we use Docker to provision our cloud infrastructure servers on top of Amazon Web Services. Our stack consists of five different clusters:

  • Cloud CMS API
  • Cloud CMS UI
  • Cloud CMS App Server for Dynamic Hosting
  • Elastic Search
  • MongoDB