"I'm continually blown away by how far above and beyond you all go to support us. Absolutely the best customer service I've ever received."
Alana McDonald
Alana McDonald,
Senior Librarian (Library and New Street)
The Sydney Children's Hospital Network

Partner Program

Cloud CMS Partners

Cloud CMS Partners are a growing community of System Integrators, Digital Agencies, and Infrastructure Providers who build their solutions with Cloud CMS. We partner to deliver strategic, flexible, content solutions to meet customers business needs. Our partners are innovators, who help their customers adopt content solutions that enable them to do great work and reduce TCO. Questions? Contact Us


Tenthline specializes in Digital Transformation encompassing Enterprise Content, Records, Business Processes and Capture solutions deployed on-premise or on AWS cloud.

We deliver success through innovation, working with our customers to transform services that make a difference to their staff and their customers. In doing so, we have earned a strong reputation and hold deep domain expertise in delivering transformational services, particularly within Financial, Insurance and HealthCare industries. We are driven by our entrepreneurial nature, developing solutions to meet our customers' evolving needs.

Evolved Media

Evolved Media specialises in efficient multi-channel publishing for media companies, agencies, retailers and corporates.

We help our customers automate their publication processes in order to save money and time, and achieve the goal of publishing on all channels (print, web, mobile, email, social media, video, etc) - ideally without expanding existing teams.


We run on Amazon EC2 / EBS / S3 using a distributed architecture that scales to the needs of your business.

Cloud CMS is the only Content Management System that was built from the ground-up on top of scalable and elastic cloud technologies. Specifically, those provided by AWS.

When your applications need more juice, our infrastructure automatically provisions more servers. When traffic calms back down, those extra servers are taken offline.


Docker containers allows us to distribute the Cloud CMS product easily for On-Premise/Private Cloud installation.

Docker allows us to express our tiers as services that can be launched into containers. Docker then allocates these containers onto a single host or many different hosts (EC2 instances) on the fly.

What sort of Partner

What Sort of Partner are you?

  • System Integrators - you want to provide implementation services and custom development for Cloud CMS
  • Technology Partners - you want to develop an add-on solution to Cloud CMS
  • OEM - you want to embed Cloud CMS into your product


Working with us can be rewarding!

If you or your clients value content and have web and mobile application needs, then maybe Cloud CMS can help. Cloud CMS can provide the backend infrastructure allowing you to provide feature rich Content Management services, hosting of web and mobile applications, or build frontend websites and applications using our Content APIs.

Cloud CMS Partner

Cloud CMS Partner

When you become a Cloud CMS partner, you will be able to leverage the Cloud CMS platform to deliver a new array of services and products to your customers. We will support you with:

  • Training from our Cloud CMS experts
  • Access to our technical support
  • Implementation success stories
  • Marketing templates
  • And more!