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Unlimited Control and Scale

  • Unlimited Users, Projects
  • Security Compliance
  • Custom SLA, 24x7
  • Own your own backups
  • Scalable architecture
  • Free Trial available
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SLA, Performance, Security

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On-Premise, and much more...

  • Unlimited number of API servers
  • Dedicated Support/Engineering
  • Scalable architecture
  • Multiple environments
  • Scale for Performance
  • Consulting Hours
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Frequently Asked Questions

Docker License: is it a perpetual or non-perpetual license?

It is a Non-Perpetual license. Cloud CMS goes into read only mode when the license expires

Docker pricing: what is the pricing unit?

Pricing is for each Cloud CMS API container.

How many Cloud CMS API Containers are needed?

Depends on your requirements. Whether you require the APIs to be clustered, failover, multiple environments may be required (production, test, development). Tune for scale and performance..

Are there licences fees for non-API containers?

Cloud CMS consists of a multi-tier architecture with the following components: Cloud CMS API, Cloud CMS UI, Cloud CMS Web Shot (optional), Cloud CMS Virtual Server (optional). Only the Cloud CMS API requires a license.

Is MongoDB or ElasticSearch provided/supported by Cloud CMS?

Cloud CMS requires two additional containers in order to work: MongoDB, Elasticsearch. The images backing these containers are not produced by Cloud CMS. In our Quickstart it uses the official Docker images produced by MongoDB and

Is Amazon ElasticSearch service supported?

Cloud CMS works out-of-the-box with Amazon Elastic Search Service as an alternative to running Elastic Search on your own or using a Elastic Search hosted service.

Is there an alternative DB to MongoDB?

Yes. Cloud CMS works out-of-the-box with Amazon DocumentDB as an alternative to running MongoDB.

Who has access to your Cloud CMS installation

Security is entirely under your control.