"I have successfully tested the integration of Cloud Cms within our PhP project. I am very pleased with the system and the API.

It was quite a learning curve, but what I discovered is a very powerful instrument and that it is quite easy to use when you get the hang of it. Your team has been really helpful in the process."
Samuel Pouyt
Samuel Pouyt, Web Specialist
European Respiratory Society

Mobile and Web Content Publishing

Content Workspaces

Collaborate with your team in a private content workspace where changes can safely be made without interfering with anyone else's live work or stepping on any toes.

Create as many workspaces as you'd like. When you're done with your content production, merge your work items to the master branch to make them available to the live site.

Instant Preview

As you work on your content, take advantage of instant preview so that you can see what your content would look like on the live site if it were approved.

Get immediate feedback on how the site would look on different form factors, including the desktop browser, iOS, Android and tablets. Iterate and make changes in real time to produce the very best content possible.

Safe Editing with Full Versioning

Work safely and securely within an environment where you can't break anything. Every change is captured and stored so that you can always rollback to a previous, safe state.

Create new content, make changes and innovate with the assurance that you can always revert back right away, without the need for IT or developer assistance.

Key Features


Project team members create their own adhoc workspaces to work together on content activities.

Instant Preview

At any point, preview the work produced by team members by seeing what their changes would look like were they approved on the live site.

Approve and Reject

Accept or reject changes from team workspaces and merge into the final product.

Full Site Versioning

Automatic capture of every change to your site such that you can roll forward or roll back to any moment in time.

Publish and Rollback

Publish your content to test, QA, staging or the live production site. Instantly rollback to a previous version at any time.


Full audit capture to asset compliance of all changes, including principals, service methods, objects and more.