Cloud CMS Release 3.2.18

The following are the new features, enhancements and fixed issues for Cloud CMS 3.2.18 release.

Upgrade from 3.1.x

For Docker on-premise customers and for customers who've built custom modules, we recommend reviewing the Cloud CMS 3.2 Migration Documentation.


  • Enhanced support for Amazon Comprehend - natural language processing (NLP) service that uses machine learning to find insights and relationships in text. New features include f:aws-entities and f:aws-keyphrases to automatically support the detection of textual entities and key phrases when content is edited within Cloud CMS.
  • Added support for Amazon Polly - a text-to-speech service that turns text into lifelike speech, allowing editorial content to automatically translate into audio files (as attachments within content). The f:aws-polly feature empowers content to generate audio files in multiple languages and dialects, including English, Chinese, Spanish and many more.
  • Improved support for Amazon Transcode - a cloud-based service for automatically transcoding attachments or URL-described resources to target formats for playback on devices like smartphones, tablets and PCs. This has been refactored to be more efficient and to utilize the benefits of our distributed job queue. The f:aws-transcode feature can be tagged onto a content type to have transcoding automatically occur in the background.
  • Improvement to thumbnail generation so that generation is skipped if a suitable transformer between a source attachment and target mimetype cannot be determined. The previous behavior was such that generation continued but used the JSON of the node as the source which could lead to thumbnails being generated but with the wrong source (and no means for detecting the anomaly).
  • GraphQL now has improved support for nested arrays with scalar (non-object, non-relational) elements
  • Fixed a bug with the Rendition Service where connected renditions could introduce a lock state and cause a transaction to time out
  • Fixed a bug in the Distributed Job Queue's dispatcher thread so that awaiting jobs are processed more accurately by accounting for cases where stopped times are not yet recorded
  • Improvements to relator synchronization logic so that updates to nodes that have a large number of relators will be noticeably quicker
  • Improvements to Deployment Engine and efficiencies for high concurrency and accurate book keeping of concurrent jobs back to deployment records and supporting transfer archives
  • Some internal improvements to thread handling for high concurrency when using cluster-wide distributed job queue and deployment/publishing
  • Cleaned up default logging to make things a bit less chatty and improved log message collection during commit of transactions

Cloud CMS User Interface Server

  • Moved branch-sensitive pages (rules, forms, definitions) back to the main Project view such that they will be accessible to Project Managers
  • Moved Activities and Members pages up to the Project bar, freeing up space on the left-hand side menu
  • Added a Project "Developers" section accessible to Project Managers and moved GraphQL and Query into that section (since they are also branch-sensitive)
  • Fixed a bug in the edit forms for Deployment Strategy and Deployment Target
  • Fixed a bug where preview renderers for some mimetypes could fail on older versions of some browsers (here's looking at you, IE)
  • Simplified the modal dialog for New Application to keep things simpler
  • Fixed a bug whereby some API keys might fail to render on Developers > API Keys for older applications

Cloud CMS Application Server

  • Added /graphql as a middleware route that proxies through to API using the current application's repository and branch - allows for multiplexing of GraphQL operations against different branches and supports Instant Preview of development branches by a single app
  • Improvements to proxy efficiency, enhanced use of LRU caches and improved locking for higher concurrency
  • Update to latest third-party dependencies

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