Cloud CMS Release 3.2.22

The following are the new features, enhancements and fixed issues for Cloud CMS 3.2.22 release.

Upgrade from 3.1.x

For Docker on-premise customers and for customers who've built custom modules, we recommend reviewing the Cloud CMS 3.2 Migration Documentation.


  • Added support for Attachment Properties (using the "_attachment" setting on schema properties) which automatically sync with node attachments to store attachment properties into the JSON (such as content length, content type and more). This makes it much easier for content editors to upload and manage attachments directly from the content entry form, reducing steps and the number of clicks.
  • Added the ability to create projects from archives located at URL addresses, allowing customers to maintain their own registries of project archives (templates). Use the "projectType" attribute of a project to point to the desired URL.
  • Added the ability to create projects from named templates (these reference a Cloud CMS maintained registry of project archives). Use the "projectType" attribute of a project to indicate the template.
  • Optimized the packaging of deployments on deployment, reducing the record collection size for faster packaging and better throughput.
  • Fixed a bug so that File Folder Service tree results come back with consistent default sorting (alphanumerical).
  • Fixed a bug that cause some project create calls to fail due to incorrectly wired teamable hierarchies (referencing legacy data store types).
  • Better handling for preview generation of large TIFF files.

Cloud CMS User Interface Server

  • Added support for Attachment Properties which render as Attachment Pickers in forms -- letting editors upload attachments directly from within the form. Use the "_attachment" setting on a property to control how uploaded binaries bind to attachments.
  • Added drag-and-drop support for Attachments to the Content Model builder so that you designers can easily bind and configure Attachment fields.
  • Fixed a bug where the Document Tree wouldn't always refresh after content in a folder was created, updated or deleted.
  • Adjusted the default transport polling configuration for awareness service so that "websocket" connections are attempted first (ahead of long-polling) to allow compatibility with Amazon ALB.

Cloud CMS Command Line Client

  • Added the ability to create projects from the command line with support for project archive URLs and templates, letting you instantiate projects for testing, deployment and other purposes from within scripts and tooling.

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