Cloud CMS Release 3.2.23

The following are the new features, enhancements and fixed issues for Cloud CMS 3.2.23 release.

Upgrade from 3.1.x

For Docker on-premise customers and for customers who've built custom modules, we recommend reviewing the Cloud CMS 3.2 Migration Documentation.


  • Fixed a bug in the Dictionary Services cache which could result in some users seeing "Cannot find source view for repository" errors due to dictionary views not being found when committing nodes.
  • Significantly improved the performance of merging during branch merges or during release executions (or finalize). For large sets of source nodes (i.e. if you have a lot of changes), things are now much faster.
  • Fixed a bug whereby I18N translation nodes were carrying over relator information from the master node. This resulted in duplications of the relator set on the translation node and yielded poor performance when creating new translation nodes for some cases where a large number of relators existed on the master node.
  • Added automatic cleanup for existing translation nodes via a touch() operation. When a translation node that has errant relator properties and associations stored against it is touched, these errant properties and associations are automatically cleaned up.
  • Fixed bugs and introduced considerable improvements to the Distributed Job Queue to handle cases where complex jobs with multiple dependencies and AWAIT stages processed cleanly and efficiently within a clustered API configuration. This offers some compelling improvements for customers using Publishing or Deployment with complex payloads consisting of multiple assets deployed in a single shot.
  • More testing added for Deployment and Publishing along with improved execution within clustered environments. Cluster verification now includes both 2 and 4 node clusters. Lots of little improvements along the way.
  • Fixed a bug whereby the tree() method was not handling back results in alphanumeric order. It now does.
  • Custom branch indexes now copy from source branch to target branch on branch creation
  • The Node listVersions() call is now much faster and auto-limits to a result set size of 1000
  • Enhanced Inline Links so that the check to determine whether a link can deleted now takes into consideration whether the transactional deletion set includes all of the nodes that link to the Inline Linked object. This allows for bulk deletes of folder structures (or any document set) where the inline link object and any of its linkers are being deleted all at once.
  • Fixed a bug in the layered transaction engine by which node queries for nested transactions could sometimes produce a slightly wrong result set. This now does an additional check to filter out an edge case where some nodes might have been included when they should not have been.

  • Added the ability to manually declare your own API Keys using the "keyset" field on the Authentication Grant object
  • Added controller methods to hand back full API Key Sets for Owners and Managers of a platform. This now includes additional information such as principal, project and application bindings.
  • Association and Feature definitions are now included when importing definitions from a previous project into a new one.
  • Improved the way that deleted nodes are tracked during a transaction commit, resulting in a slight performance improvement (depending on how many nodes are in the transaction)
  • Improvements to the background Job Sweeper thread so that it picks out and cleans up more old or expired jobs on each pass

Cloud CMS User Interface Server

  • The environment variable CLOUDCMS_UI_HTTP_SERVER_PORT can now be used to specify the base location of the UI server for "forgotten password" emails (i.e. This can be used to point to a CDN entry point or load balancer at any location you prefer.
  • Fixed a bug so that sorting works as intended for lists within pickers.
  • Fixed a bug whereby documents may fail to render for older projects that have Publishing enabled afterwards.
  • Fixed a bug so that the link to the multilingual master node within documents lists works as intended.
  • Fixed a bug so that the document tree now respects the "hide system folders" setting.
  • Fixed a bug so that the Home Project selector field displays correctly.
  • The API Keys page now uses the new back end controller to hand back more information about API Keys. In addition, it now includes support for manually created API Keys using the "keyset" fields on Authentication Grants.

Cloud CMS Command Line Client

  • Added the ability to create projects from archives located within our official "addon" registry or a URL pointing to an archive living anywhere on the internet.

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