Cloud CMS Release 3.2.26

The following are the new features, enhancements and fixed issues for Cloud CMS 3.2.26 release.

Upgrade from 3.1.x

For Docker on-premise customers and for customers who've built custom modules, we recommend reviewing the Cloud CMS 3.2 Migration Documentation.


  • Introducing Workspaces - Editorial users can now create Workspaces to take advantage of ad-hoc branching with automatic change and activity tracking. Compare, copy and pull content between branches while taking advantage of instant indexing for search, query and GraphQL. Instantly preview changes on live application and merge at any time. Features merge conflict detection, side-by-side visual differencing and a friendly UI for property-level conflict resolution. Workspaces is an optional feature that works alongside Releases to offer flexible scheduled publishing and finalization.
  • Lots of improvements to merge conflict resolution including side-by-side differencing, browsing of workspaces and releases for merge conflicts, individual property-level conflict resolution management, commits and merge re-attempts. Applies to both Workspaces and Releases.
  • Fixed a bug wherein newly created translation nodes could retain the "f:locale" feature from the master node and therefore retain the master node's locale setting (if applied)
  • Improved some error handling paths when running in a cluster with some latency between cluster members
  • Improved transaction error logging so that more log information makes its way to project logs
  • Single and bulk creation of nodes now execute in a single transactions, fixing a bug wherein web hook calls could be fired early and without complete path information
  • Project Type controller now looks up Add Ons using the official Cloud CMS Archives registry (which now includes an updated Sample Project)
  • Added a "branch" sub-object to Web Hook payloads to provide more information about the node's branch
  • Added the "deployNode" action and rule executor to allow for nodes to be deployed or undeployed as triggered via action or conditional rule
  • Changed the behavior of thumbnail generation so that it no longer generates "json" thumbnails (which were printouts of the JSON) - instead it skips generation for those cases and hands back a 404 which offers better compatibility with upstream CDNs
  • Added /ref/deploy endpoint to allow for scriptable, API-drive bulk deployment of nodes using a deployment strategy
  • Fixed a bug whereby deletion of a platform user from within the UI was skipping past a needed permission check
  • Several updates to third-party libraries

Cloud CMS User Interface Server

  • Added support for Workspaces
  • Enhanced pages for resolving Merge Conflicts - now includes side-by-side diff, visual selection of per-property resolutions, merge retries and an easier UI for merge comparison and management
  • Improvements to Releases to be consistent with new user interface for Merge Conflicts and Workspaces
  • Added support for the Alpaca Markdown field - use the "markdown" field type to embed a visual Markdown editor (SimpleMDE) on top of your string fields. Full support for Markdown with in-context preview.
  • Added a "Deploy Content..." action to the Folders and Content Instances view. Available to managers, this action provides a quick dialog to let you deploy an arbitrary piece of content via a deployment strategy.
  • Fixed a bug so that "sort by Attachment file type" works as intended in the File Folder picker
  • Added a UI refresh call so that the document path updates properly when the title of a document changes
  • Added a validation check to the "Add Publication" dialog so that the user cannot proceed unless a valid form valid has been provided
  • Added a catch-all fix for a stale or stuck "open-modal" class that could cause the page to no longer scroll
  • Fixed escaping of titles on some page header sections where HTML was getting double escaped
  • The Content Instances page now derives its selected actions from configuration - allowing third party customers and systems integrators the ability to extend the UI options.

Cloud CMS JavaScript Driver

  • Merge conflict commit() method now takes an optional target branch ID
  • Updated conflict resolve() method and added conflict commit() method
  • Fix to stringify() method to handle boolean false properly

Cloud CMS Developer SDK

  • Added a module example that demonstrates how to override and customize a Cloud CMS action (add-attachment) to provide your own user interface adjustments

Cloud CMS Command Line Client

  • Added list-datastore-deletions and refresh-db-connections commands to make it easier for customers to schedule nightly purges of deleted datastores from MongoDB (without having to call the REST API manually)

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