Cloud CMS Release 3.2.31

The following are the new features, enhancements and fixed issues for Cloud CMS 3.2.31 release.

With these release notes, we're trying out a new layout that breaks down changes by:

  • New Feature - new additions to the product
  • Enhancement - improvements to existing areas within the product
  • Bug Fix - a fix to a bug that was reported within the product

Please contact us with any feedback regarding these changes to the release notes.

Upgrade from 3.1.x

For Docker on-premise customers and for customers who've built custom modules, we recommend reviewing the Cloud CMS 3.2 Migration Documentation.

New features

JavaScript Driver
  • Added method branch.queryDefinitions() to allow for querying definitions on a branch
User Interface
  • Allow the Create Project Wizard to load its list of Project Templates from a custom registry (loaded from HTTP). This lets customers store their Project Archives at an HTTP address and have those registries be parsed and made available to the editorial team when they create new projects.


Content Model
  • A filter is now available on the Content Model screen to allow users to filter content types, associations and features by query term
  • The content definitions tree is now more responsive and allow you to filter the list by clicking on items within it
  • The family of file-based deployers (File System, S3 and FTP) now allow for configuration driven deployments. Use custom mappings to define how deployed nodes map down into files. Use Handlebars templates to determine deployment paths based on the context and data of content being deployed. For more information, see:
Docker (On-Premise)

Java Driver

  • Use explicit UTF-8 charset on JSON response handling (instead of relying on system defaults)
  • The system now checks to ensure that multiple Projects are not created with the same title
User Interface
  • The Branch Picker now features a hierarchical view of branches (similar to Workspaces page)
  • The configuration section for Custom Locales was moved to its own page under Manage Project
  • It is now possible to edit Service Descriptors after they've been created (if you have Manager rights)

Bug Fixes

  • Fix slow antivirus performance by using the out-of-process Cloud CMS Antivirus service
Application Server
  • Slight fix to ensure SSO user and group mappings (auto principal sync) work as intended
Branches / Releases
  • Fix for node deletions not showing up consistently in the Branch Changes list (when comparing or pulling between branches)
Content Model
  • Fix to ensure that updates to server-side javascript properly rebind for the branch in all cases
  • Fix for save issue that could occur due to the filename feature being applied as mandatory to parent type
Deployment / Transfer
  • Fix to ensure that exports and imports work correctly when multiple nodes are exported in a changeset manifest. This may resolve occasional exceptions for large, multi-document deployments.
  • Fix so that definitions when created, updated or deleted, are incrementally indexed as intended
  • Fix so that Elastic Search Scroll API is used properly for some large paginated calls
User Interface
  • Fix so that password policy validation errors and messages are more accurate when a user is invited and registers for a project
  • Fix so that pressing the enter button when creating text files doesn't auto-submit

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