Cloud CMS Release 3.2.32

The following are the new features, enhancements and fixed issues for Cloud CMS 3.2.32 release.

With these release notes, we're trying out a new layout that breaks down changes by:

  • New Feature - new additions to the product
  • Enhancement - improvements to existing areas within the product
  • Bug Fix - a fix to a bug that was reported within the product

Please contact us with any feedback regarding these changes to the release notes.

New Features

  • The platform level My Projects Dashlet now indicates the total number of projects and the number of projects being displayed
Application Server
  • Handle SIGTERM in addition to SIGINT on exit. This helps apps running on docker containers exit cleanly


Branches / Releases
  • Improved the speed and accuracy of branch merging and differencing.
  • A new master node index was added that, if available, will be used to speed up database queries.
  • Reduced the amount of memory required during the merge (tested using very changeset histories in the millions)
  • Clicking on a workspace or release in the Network view now navigates the browser to that respective workspace or release
  • The assigned release date is now validated and must occur in the future
  • Improved how transaction bookkeeping is done to improve speed and save on memory required.
User Management
  • Improved password validation on client side for better immediate feedback when creating new users or filling out registration and registration confirmation forms
  • Improved validation messages throughout user registration flow
  • The Create User wizard has been optimized to be a single page requiring fewer clicks and letting you get everything done in one place
  • The "upload" field now supports a "progressall" option which allows custom field developers to hook in a progress listener (to report progress state back to the user)
  • User avatar and platform logo upload forms are now easier to use
  • Added an Edit Publication action for project publications

Bug Fixes

Branches / Releases
  • Fix to ensure that relator properties and their ref field have their branch ID adjusted when merging between branches.
  • Touching a document now walks the relator properties and automatically corrects any ref fields it discovers that point to the wrong branch
  • When deleting a current workspace, the browser now navigates back to the parent workspace
Content Model
  • Fix to ensure that setting required: false for a property will cause that property to be removed from any top level required: [] blocks
  • Fix to content model builder so that buttons activate for some cases where they were not
  • Fix to content model builder so that targeting for drag/drop of elements into nested objects and arrays works as intended
User Management
  • Fix to ensure that users can be added in bulk to multiple teams for cases where a user might already be a member of a team (the duplication is noted and proceeds with remaining teams)
  • Fix to ensure that admin password can be overridden when specified via
  • Fix to ensure that pagination works on the Choose a Form card when creating a new content instance
  • Fix to ensure that custom HTML tags introduced via CKEditor are preserved in transitions to/from source
Custom Indexes
  • Fix to ensure that creating a custom index will work for all cases
  • Fix to Search properties list so that it updates properly as content types are adjusted
Data Lists
  • Fix to allow for some cases where Create New Item action was not showing up correctly for Data Lists
  • Fix project publishing sync when user deletes deployment strategies
  • Fix project publishing sync after editing deployment strategy

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