Cloud CMS Release 3.2.33

The following are the new features, enhancements and fixed issues for Cloud CMS 3.2.33 release.

Recommended Action
  • For improved performance with relators you will need to rebuild the project indexes. Go to Manage Project > Tools > Index Project Data Stores

New Features

UI Templates
  • Several new Themes have been added -- including a Dark Theme -- to give users more choice and better options.
Command Line Client
  • The Command Line client now supports commands to compress repository changesets and apply patches


Relator Properties
  • Updates and mapping execution for relator properties now executes between 3x to 5x faster than before
  • Updating a node that has a large number of relator properties now updates much faster
  • Reordering items within an array Relator Property now updates with a much small footprint (and thus, much more quickly)
  • Forms that have many relationships (such as many node-picker, file-picker or related-content fields) will render much more quickly due to optimization of the dataloader mechanism.
  • When creating a new branch, any problems that might arise during the population of the Elastic Search index are now ignored and the branch is no longer blocked from being created.
Platform Members
  • Fix so that the Platform Members render more information onto the screen when being viewed

Bug Fixes

Relator Properties
  • Fix so that relator properties correctly detect nested properties, aiding ease of migration from non-relator properties to relator properties within the content model
Internationalization (I18N)
  • Fix so that publishing a multilingual master node will not result in the additional publication of translation nodes. Translation nodes may publish separately or they may be shipped all at once (along with master node) via a multi-node commit.
Project Teams and Members
  • Fix so that team members page renders properly for some cases where team permissions were not set for the current user
  • Fix so that projects that do not have their own Domain configured within the stack can still use the Project Members page

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