Cloud CMS Release 3.2.34

The following are the new features, enhancements and fixed issues for Cloud CMS 3.2.34 release.

Recommended Upgrade Actions
  • For improved performance, we recommend you rebuild your platform and project indexes.
  1. Go to Manage Platform > Tools > Index Platform Data Stores
  2. Go to Manage Project > Tools > Index Project Data Stores

New Features

Refresh Node
  • Added a new refresh() node method that takes on much of the "repair" functionality that had been introduced as part of touching a node.
  • Going forward, a touch is a call to perform an empty update (with no additional operations occuring on the API-side).
  • A refresh is a call to do anything needed server-side to "repair a node" or clean it up. This is includes rebuilding relator associations.


Relator Properties
  • Faster performance of relator properties, some solid improvements both on the API-side and within the forms engine to support
  • Faster validation and rendering for deeply nested forms with internal $ref structures
  • The text field type (text) now supports the lowercase and uppercase formats directly (no need to use a different field type)
  • The text field type (text) now supports boolean trim option to automatically trim value ahead of assignment
Elastic Search
  • Elastic Search HTTP client now supports customization of connection timeout, socket timeout, retry timeout and bulk chunk sizes, providing administrators with more flexibility in terms of scaling the Elastic Search cluster and network throughput
Dynamic User Interface
  • ACL checks on lists of items are now conducted in more places and more effectively used to ensure that the "Selected..." menu more accurately reflects available choices (automatic enabling and disabling of menu options)
Log In
  • Added more safeguard checks and validation during the sign in process to avoid unnecessary server-side handling of authentication failures
  • Improved validation and error messages during the sign in process to give users better immediate feedback

Bug Fixes

File and Node Pickers
  • Fix to ensure that new items can be added to file pickers and node pickers without regenerating existing reference objects (and un-applying any previously applied relator property mappings)
  • Fix so that branch creation within the user interface no longer times out with an error for branches that take a long time to setup and prepare (now uses an asynchronous job processor)
Error reporting
  • Fix to restore prior modal notification of validation errors that are raised during commit
Content Model Builder
  • Fix to Attachment Field editor so that the Attachment ID can be updated after assigned.
Jobs Administration
  • Fix so that Jobs administration page within the Administration Console sorts correctly for a large number of collection entries (additional Jobs collection index added)

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