Cloud CMS Release 3.2.36

The following are the new features, enhancements and fixed issues for Cloud CMS 3.2.36 release.

Recommended Upgrade Actions
  • For improved performance, we recommend you rebuild your platform and project indexes.
  1. Go to Manage Platform > Tools > Index Platform Data Stores
  2. Go to Manage Project > Tools > Index Project Data Stores

New Features

Distributed Jobs
  • Added a new Jobs page that lets Platform Managers and Project Managers view and inspect background jobs that are running for a given platform or project. These jobs include things like background indexing tasks, deployment and publishing tasks and tasks devoted to off-process machine learning analysis, multilingual translation and image recognition calls. Previously, this was only accessible via the Administration Console and we are now making awareness of these background jobs more central to main user interface.
Multilingual Translation Services
  • Added support for automatic translations using Google Translate (
  • Added support for automatic translations using Microsoft Azure (
Node Policies / Events
  • Added support for p:beforeRefreshNode and p:afterRefreshNode event policies allowing customers to explicitly chain event handlers to refresh actions.


Image Transformation
  • Faster image manipulation, sizing and transformations for popular image formats.
  • Additional properties are now available to allow further customization of login handling, including the max number of attempted logins per account and the default reset timeout in case of an exceeded attempt.
Binary Storage / Attachments
  • The Refresh Node action now restored node attachment attributes (such as content type and length) by inspecting the binary storage source to help repair any attachments that may be improperly recorded.
  • Faster storage of attachments to GridFS, S3, the file system or other binary storage providers.
Email Service
  • Emails dispatched from the Cloud CMS API are now multipart by default and have their body payload inspected to ensure that both HTML and Text parts are applied so as to improve spam scoring.
Branches / Releases
  • Faster and more accurate caching of branch-to-branch diffing and change tracking.
  • Forms now support inheritance (following the definition _parent property or a per form _parent form key).
  • Upload Field within Forms now provides better error handling and messages when XHR uploads fail.

Bug Fixes

Image Transformation
  • Preview image generation from some deeply-layered PDF files could take an excessive amount of time to process due to the high number of layers.
Node Policies / Events
  • Chained rule event handlers properly maintain property value assignments when relator property mappings execute.
  • The Rules Policies page now reflects all of the bound rule policies (instead of just the most recent)
  • The p:afterTouchPropertyPolicy only fires for non-empty values of property on node create.
Binary Storage / Attachments
  • Node attachment object IDs always increment on create/update, ensuring uniqueness of attachments in node version history.
  • Attachment merges are handled more elegantly so as to resolve a bug in which the contentType and/or length could be improperly merged when treated as individual collisions.
  • The p:beforeDeleteAttachment and p:afterDeleteAttachment policies are triggered automatically whenever a node that has attachments is deleted.
Branches / Releases
  • The deletion of definitions during a merge occurs after the deletion of any instances of that definition type, allowing more complex merges to proceed without any additional effort.
  • Fix to pagination and improved accuracy of results traversal for "Compare Workspace" and "Copy From Workspace" actions
  • Updated Regular Expression within the Forms Engine for emails and URLs to allow for more accurate representations of those data elements.

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