Cloud CMS Release 3.2.37

The following are the new features, enhancements and fixed issues for Cloud CMS 3.2.37 release.

Update Recommendations
  • With this release, we move to OpenJDK 11. As such, if you're running an API cluster, we recommend a full restart of the cluster to ensure that you don't have any Hazelcast cluster state serialization issues.
  • Please review the api.env file in the Download ZIP to see the configuration options for the G1G2 garbage collector. We recommend this garbage collector configuration going forward.
  • For improved performance, we recommend you rebuild your platform and project indexes.
  1. Go to Manage Platform > Tools > Index Platform Data Stores
  2. Go to Manage Project > Tools > Index Project Data Stores

New Features

OpenJDK 11
  • The API container JDK was upgraded to OpenJDK 11. OpenJDK is the open-source reference implementation of the Java Standard Edition (maintained by Oracle). This upgrade was driven in part by the coming EOL of Oracle JDK 8 but was also made because of some beneficial improvements to the development process and licensing model adopted for OpenJDK 11 and beyond. This upgrade includes a number of JDK bug fixes and improvements for socket management, network (HTTPS) support and much more.

For more information, see


  • Exporting content to CSV, Excel, ZIP or any other format now supports recursive lookup of subobjects for any folders. It also supports path-based exports for ZIP files to ensure the downloaded ZIP has a similar folder-based export structure as seen within the document library.
Node Policies
  • Node policies now feature incremental compilation, resulting in faster execution when changing policy bindings for a branch
  • Improved support for HTTPS ACS URLs - better logic for determining how to route and redirect to HTTPS IdP endpoints.
  • Branch Changes now ignore JSON diffs where the only differences are different branch IDs in relator mappings (since these will be cleaned up on merge anyway) This results in smaller and more useful diffs for editors.

Bug Fixes

Tree Support
  • Fix so that the /tree API method operates more efficiently for for nested folders with large sets of sub-objects (for certains queries and/or searches). This has been improved to fix a bug where the main user interface document library tree could take too long to respond (resulting in a CloudFront 504 exception).
  • Fix so that some system-driven operations against a release won't fail if the release is in a finalized state.
Node Policies
  • Fix so that branch policy bindings can no longer get out-of-sync in a clustered configuration.
  • Fix so that deletion of rule bindings with the UI works as intended
Relator Properties
  • Fix so that relator properties with custom mappings work more efficiently and don't incorrectly revert mappings for some cases where adjustments are made to an array
Custom UI Module Deployment
  • Fix so that a custom GitHub branch can be specified and deployed via the user interface
  • Fix so that custom branch indexes are preserved when a branch is reindexed

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