Cloud CMS Release 3.2.39

The following are the new features, enhancements and fixed issues for Cloud CMS 3.2.39 release.

Update Recommendations

  • For improved performance, we recommend you rebuild your platform and project indexes.
  1. Go to Manage Platform > Tools > Index Platform Data Stores
  2. Go to Manage Project > Tools > Index Project Data Stores


  • Rebasing branches now performs a downstream branch recompilation check and fails if any downstream branches fail to compile as a result of being rebased, which fails the entire operation (with automatic rollback to original state).
  • Added support for anchor snapshots (both automatic and manually generated) to serve as refresh frames into the changeset stack, speeding things up considerably for very large branches.
  • Added support for defining branches that do not have search indexes or path indexes maintained for them (to support of anchor snapshots).
  • Branch merge, compare, pull and copy from operations run more quickly through use of anchor snapshots computed on the fly (or via command line tool).
  • Faster DB operations that now use more bulk write and deletion operations to speed up DB calls.
Data Lists
  • The first column of a data list now shows the data list item ID and features a link to the Document Overview page for the item.
  • Added a new index to allow for faster (and effective) querying and sorting for cases where the number of jobs is very large.
  • Single Sign On configuration for JWT is a bit easier now (with relaxed assumptions, support for bearer tokens via Authorization header and some improved fallbacks) and now includes documentation to guide users thorugh configuration.
  • More logging is now available during module deployment to help in tracking down any module deployment issues.
  • During finalization, a snapshot is precomputed to ensure faster operation during schedule and merge.
  • Bulk indexing operations are now optimized to group into larger partitions per job, resulting in fewer distributed jobs and higher throughput.
  • Bulk indexing now has a larger default partition size of 500 allowing more objects to process at a time.
  • Indexing now manages memory more efficiently by effectively streaming objects to the indexer as they are loaded from the database.
  • The Elastic Search Transport Client now sniffs for keep alive state, allowing ES servers to go offline and come back online with automatic reconnection and continuation of service.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix so a Copy From Branch operation runs as a background job during workspace merge. This now uses long polling so as to prevent an HTTP timeout for long running operations.
  • Fix so that branch changes compute faster and store more accurately as binary attachments for both Branch Changes objects and jobs.
File handles
  • Fix to how file handles were being managed during recursive ZIP, PDF or XLS exports for very large document Stores.
  • Fix so that Job overview page always renders in read-only.
JSON Schema
  • Fix for a regression where JSON schema correction intended to correct for duplicated enum values could reorder the set for some cases.
  • Fix so that JSON schema compliance is relaxed during dictionary compilation with additional auto-correction and removal of non-conforming terms ahead of strict validation.
  • Fix so that copy and deletion operations with assemblies that grow too large will fail due to a cap on the size of the assembly. This prevents timeouts and stalled execdution for large sets and requires users to therefore break these operations into smaller steps.

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