Cloud CMS Release 3.2.41

The following are the new features, enhancements and fixed issues for Cloud CMS 3.2.41 release.

Update Recommendations

  • For improved performance, we recommend you rebuild your cluster indexes. To do so, we recommend using the reindex-datastore command via the Cloud CMS Command Line Client (

You can execute it like this:

cloudcms admin reindex-datastore --datastoreTypeId cluster --datastoreId default --children --username <username> --password <password>

Where the username and password are the credentials for your administrator account.

New Features

Content Model
  • Added Copied From feature (f:copied-from) that is automatically applied to the changeset-specific version of a node, allowing to traverse history and work back where content was copied from historically. For more information, see:
  • Added Precompile Feature (f:precompile) to allow properties on a node to be automatically compiled (through markdown or handlebars) with the result stored on a different property to allow for front-end rendering. For more information, see:


  • Activities now display branch information letting you see what branch and what project an activity occurred against
Auto Translations
  • The Auto Translate Feature now detects fields which are HTML and parses those fields to extract text tokens to be translated. The tokens are translated and the HTML is rebuilt on the translation node with translated text inserted.
  • The Auto Translate Feature now handles enumerated strings and ignores enum values for translation purposes
  • Added the ability to launch distributed Refresh Branch jobs that refresh the distributed cluster state of a branch
  • Added an "Export as CSV" button to the Branch Changes dialog that allows the editor to quickly get a CSV/Excel file containing the changes on the branch
  • Added the "Delete Workspaces" button to the Branches Administrator page
  • Improved cluster state management for branches during transfer, merge and incremental use that had resulted in cases where the dictionary on one or more cluster members could fail to keep up as intended (and had required a refresh)
  • Faster branch write performance through optimization to a synchronous branch lock
  • Moved more caches into distributed Hazelcast state and added more signals to indicate invalidation and automatic refresh as needed
File/Folder index
  • Faster reindexing of file/folder index when parent paths change (now uses a regex and faster Mongo calls to perform bulk adjustments)
  • Job Dispatcher is now more efficient with its polling, resulting in faster throughput of job processing
Link Tracking
  • Updated the documentation for the Inline Links (f:inline-links) feature which allows you to have your text fields automatically parsed, have links extracted and tracked within the content graph. See:
  • Log4j2 configuration now uses an explicit Spring bean to declare additional log files, resulting in faster start up times and more extensible log service configuration that no longer depends on classpath scanning
  • Added REST controller methods to kick off distributed jobs for asynchronous move and copy of multiple nodes
Relator Properties
  • Added ability to validate the relator structure for all content on a given branch at any time, allowing content publishers to ensure that all content has the correct relator properties and relator associations
  • Faster and more efficient transfers

Bug Fixes

Branches / Workspaces / Releases
  • Fix so that a merging between branches retains the correct "updated" information based on the source node's updated state
  • Fix so that the "Unarchive Workspace" button only becomes available properly when selecting an Archived workspace in Workspaces list (and Workspace Explore List)
Export Service
  • Fix so that export of ZIP files with deeply nested children no longer results in an excessive amount of file handles, resulting in faster exports that use less memory and are more reliable
Relator Properties
  • When synchronizing multiple nodes are synchronized between branches, the final refresh() operation is now delayed until all nodes commit so as to allow relator properties to build out as intended
  • Fix so that the sort order of relator properties is correctly considered when automatically fixing ordered array references after a relator property touch or refresh
  • Fix so that deeply nested relator properties auto-update as intended
  • Fix so that relator associations are now considered separately during merge making the merge process more accurate


  • Fix so that the "None" option doesn't incorrectly appear for the rule actions dropdown
  • Fix so that nested searches across child hierarchies via the UI works as intended for deeply nested cases (default depth max now set to 20)
  • Node Picker filter allows quotes and now supports a filterMode option to allow the filter to act either as a filter (across currently viewed properties) or a full-text search. For more information, see:
  • Fix so that two nodes that collide and merge retain custom QNames
  • Transfer Imports to Branch targets now constrain to a single transfer import job running for a given branch across the cluster, preventing potential timeouts when multiple jobs may run for a single branch
  • Fix so that all owned association types are crawled during export by improving the detection logic (it has previously missed some custom owned association types)
User Interface
  • Fix so that clicking an image or a link to a picked item works consistently across browsers (this now uses a new window popup to avoid browser default behaviors)
  • Fix so that the default "title" field is only added to new content types (and not associations or features)
  • Fix so that the Document Overview display mode rendering of properties looks up the schema and definition in a fashion consistent with the Document Properties page, allowing parent forms to pull the correct labels
  • Fix so that picker rows behave more consistently throughout the user interface (clicking a row selects the entire row)
  • Fix so that array fields reordering works as intended for some browsers where a setTimeout wasn't behaving as intended

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