Cloud CMS Release 3.2.44

The following are the new features, enhancements and fixed issues for Cloud CMS 3.2.44 release.

Update Recommendations (On-Premise Only)

  • For improved performance, we recommend you rebuild your cluster indexes. To do so, we recommend using the reindex-datastore command via the Cloud CMS Command Line Client (

You can execute it like this:

cloudcms admin reindex-datastore --datastoreTypeId cluster --datastoreId default --children --username <username> --password <password>

Where the username and password are the credentials for your administrator account.

New Features


Transfer Import/Export
  • Much faster performance of transfer import and export by optimizing some late stage event execution
  • Faster and more accurate merges of associations during transfer import
  • The findAroundNode function node includes _search information on result set
  • Faster building of branch tip views during transaction commit or branch initialization
  • Additional admin controller methods to manage the automatic deployment of custom UI modules per tenant
Publishing / Deployment
  • Faster and improved record deployment
  • Improvements to Publishing Workers so that content is concurrently packaged and committed to deployment handlers more quickly

Bug Fixes

Transfer Import/Export
  • Fix so that transfer imports of nodes into a branch always respects default setting of 1 running job per branch
  • Fix so that replications of changesets during repository import raise an event to reindex folder paths and trigger any required publishing events
Branches / Releases
  • Fix so that branch changes and diff calculations during CSV export work as intended for a set of size 0
  • Fix so that some branch service methods use the resolved branch ID (instead of the branch alias) when launching branch jobs
  • Fix to release reactivation call so that cluster is looked up in a non-tenant specific way, allowing for easier use
  • Fix so that merges between branches whose parent branches may be archived will work as intended
  • Fix so that patches can be force re-applied using a force argument
  • Fix to prevent some edge cases where failed transactions could leave branches in a locked state (until that lock expired)
  • Fix so that Elastic Search paginators work as intended for some cases
User Interface
  • Fix so that the currently viewed selected item section displays using the correct template
  • Fix so that upload action displays the target path without double quotes
  • Fix to Document Overview tab previews so that multiple attachments are display correctly

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