Cloud CMS Release 3.2.50

The following are the new features, enhancements and fixed issues for Cloud CMS 3.2.50 release.

Update Recommendations (On-Premise Only)

  • For improved performance, we recommend you rebuild your cluster indexes. To do so, we recommend using the reindex-datastore command via the Cloud CMS Command Line Client (

You can execute it like this:

cloudcms admin reindex-datastore --datastoreTypeId cluster --datastoreId default --children --username <username> --password <password>

Where the username and password are the credentials for your administrator account.


API Keys
  • For on-premise installations, the property can be configured for API containers to configure the baseURL that API Keys will use (the default is
  • Improved performance of relators properties and relator associations on save including optimizations to remapping logic
  • Improved performance with more efficient use of paginated iterators
  • Inline Link associations (a:links-to) and Linked Resources (n:linked-resource) are now traversed and included when exporting nodes
  • When undeleting nodes, the child associations that once related that node into the folder hierarchy are also restored provided that the parent node exists
User Interface
  • Remove limit on the number of Project templates made available for selection
  • Faster list and query retrieval of node version history using less memory and optimized indexes

Bug Fixes

  • Fix so that domain users transfer correctly for cases where the domain itself may not be included and may be optional
  • Fix for an error that could occur when a user was being added to a team on import (and the user was already a member of the team)
  • Fix for a concurrent modification exception that could occur when optional dependencies were removed in partial imports
  • Fix for a case the f:inline-links feature prevented nodes from auto-publishing when f:publishable lifecycle state was set upon creation
User Interface
  • Fix so that Content Type dropdown used in the Create Document wizard only shows enabled types
  • The "Rules" folder now hides along with other system folders when the Hide System Folders option is selected
  • Dashlets now only show branch information is either Workspaces or Releases are enabled within a Project

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