Cloud CMS Release 3.2.55

The following are the new features, enhancements and fixed issues for Cloud CMS 3.2.55 release.

Update Recommendations (On-Premise Only)

  • For improved performance, we recommend you rebuild your cluster indexes. To do so, we recommend using the reindex-datastore command via the Cloud CMS Command Line Client (

You can execute it like this:

cloudcms admin reindex-datastore --datastoreTypeId cluster --datastoreId default --children --username <username> --password <password>

Where the username and password are the credentials for your administrator account.


Data Export Wizard
  • When exporting ZIPs of content using the Export Wizard, any exported JSON is now prettified by default.
  • Indexing of nodes for full-text search now always runs as a background job as opposed to running in-transaction. This speeds up write operations for the vast majority of cases. The makes full-text search indexing consistent across the board.
  • Indexing now optimized to run faster by delaying the indexing calls to the very end of multi-stage transactions. This results in fewer indexing calls and lower CPU usage for the system.
  • Improved usage of Elastic Search Bulk API so as to have fewer indexing background jobs and faster overall completion.
  • The error messages and feedback provided to the user upon a failed login has been limited so as to be more secure and less descriptive of the underlying reasons why the login did not succeed.
  • Improved support for conversion of BSON V2 Types in MongoDB for cases where existing MongoDB 2.x or 3.x databases are migrated to newer versions of MongoDB.
Node Statistics
  • The accumulation and tracking of association type counters is now disabled by default. This provides a significant performance improvement for the vast majority of use cases where those counters are not required. This general association-type counter accumulation can be enabled using either a feature or a repository-level configuration option. For more information, see
  • Added permissions for DEPLOY and UNDEPLOY that can be used to control the availability of those functions within the API and the user interface.
  • The Deploy Node Action now requires the current user to have the DEPLOY permission against the targeted content instance.
  • The metrics collections thread now includes disk usage information along with other healthcheck information in the periodic log.
  • Added a background thread that periodically cleans temp file space to facilitate the management of long-running pods or containers that may have otherwise relied on JVM shutdown hooks to clean up disk space.
  • Tip-mode imports will now automatically execute any property mappings for any property mapping associations during the import. This makes sure that property mappings are established when the import completes.
  • Faster performance due to improved management of caches
  • The Azure Translator integration now supports very large text arrays by chunking text translations into multiple calls.
User Interface
  • The Content Instances page now has more actions available on it to make it consistent with the Document Library page.
  • Various improvements across the user interface to establish consistency between the number of selected items (0, 1, more than 1) and the available action set that can execute against that selection.
  • The Change Type Action modal now offers a checkbox to let you decide whether to show system content types.
  • The Attachment Picker now supports maxFileSize and fileTypes. For more information, see
  • Added a success message that displays when a lock is successfully released.
  • The Web Hook workflow handler now supports additional HTTP methods (GET, PUT, DELETE) along with POST which was already supported. For more information, see

Bug Fixes

  • Fix so that the Change Type renders properly for some cases where actions had missing properties.
  • Fix so that the proper error HTTP response is provided for cases where a failed attempt is made to manually associate a source and target node via the API.
Content Model Builder
  • Fix so that drag/drop works consistently across a wider variety of browsers along with improvements to Field Editor selection, support for nested fields within Array and Object containers and updated inspectors for editing field properties.
  • Fix so that drag/drop works consistently across a wider variety of browsers.
  • Fix so that the case for email addresses is ignored when creating password reset requests.
  • Fix so that lower case email addresses are enforced more consistently within forms.
  • Fix so that GraphQL results no longer strip off null values for cases where they are regarded as legal values in GraphQL Schema.
  • Fix so that the UI display of HTML from within GraphQL results renders properly.
  • Fix so that bulk indexing will complete successfully for cases where an encrypted PDF document might be inserted into the middle of a indexing chunk, causing that document's text transformation to fail and causing the remainder of the chunk to fail.
PDF Generation
  • Fix so that PDFs with embedded images generate properly when using a PDF generation template and referenced images from within Cloud CMS.
  • Fix to Print and Print Preview within the user interface so that print dialog is compatible with a wider variety of browsers.
Releases / Branches
  • Fix so that Release or Branch creation and merging works properly for cases where a branch had a large number of changesets and no snapshot to support incremental diffs. In this case, a faulty snapshot was being generated and consistently had to be re-created.
  • Fix so that branch to branch copies work properly using MongoDB 3.6 and beyond bulk index calls.
  • Fix so that the Retry Merge button no longer appears while resolving merge conflicts between Releases.
  • Fix a bug so that team identifiers cannot overwrite when custom team properties are overwritten via API call.
  • Fix a security hole that, in some cases, permitted users without the UPDATE authority against a Team's underlying Domain Group to add or remove users from a team.
User Interface
  • Fix so that user default projects are automatically cleaned up when any kind of project is deleted (not just projects in the oneteam family).
  • Fix so that versioning diffs (JSON RFC 6902) are computed in the correct direction when visually selected for some cases.
  • Fix so that Dashlet default maximums are enforced.
  • Fix so that thumbnail and preview icons show up properly on the Attachments screen for cases where you have multiple attachments.
  • Fix so that Node Picker, File Picker and Upload controls support null or false for the uploadPath setting to indicate that uploaded nodes will not be linked to a folder.
  • Fix so that Release Finalization results don't show on the Release Overview page after a successful Release execution.
  • Fix so that the Project Publishing configuration pages show the correct listing of content types for cases where the content types had one or more missing values.
  • Fix so that PDF Preview works consistently across a wider variety of browsers.
  • Fix so that the Grant Authority action's "Unselect All" option work as intended.
  • Fix so that the Add Permission to Role action shows each permission's description.
  • Fix so that the Rule Actions editor's "Action Type" field is required.
  • Fix so that links to incorrect (or no longer valid) Project IDs or Branch IDs redirects as appropriate.
  • Fix so that username is forced to be lowercase on field entry.

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