Cloud CMS Release 3.2.7

The following are the new features, enhancements and fixed issues for Cloud CMS 3.2.7 release.

Upgrade from 3.1.x

For Docker on-premise customers and for customers who've built custom modules, we recommend reviewing the Cloud CMS 3.2 Migration Documentation.


  • Fix to Tree API whereby incorrect folder children could be handed back if a sibling had a similar filename
  • Improvements to file folder indexing for faster performance

Cloud CMS User Interface Server

  • Branch picker now displays branch title when selecting Deployment Targets
  • Fixed a bug whereby the Next button had to be clicked twice when creating new platform users
  • Adjusted UI Templates and UI Pages screens so that they default to storing project global UI views / configs
  • Fixed pages for Content Instances, Documents List and Project Search results so that they use the correct UI config while rendering
  • Fixed multi-select support for node picker control
  • Fixed a bug which prevented a new Authentication Grant from being created within the Administration Console
  • Adjusted the "Remove Locale" action so that it draws uses localized text from localization bundle
  • The "Edit Translations" dropdown on the document properties page can now be enabled or disabled via configuration
  • Fix so that document and content instance row actions link to the proper URLs
  • Updated to latest thirdparty libraries

Cloud CMS Node.js Driver

  • Added support for HTTP and HTTPS proxy servers

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