The Cloud CMS SDK consists of an open-source GitHub repository that provides numerous samples and starting points for your own investigation into Cloud CMS. You can take any of these examples, extend them or contribute to them as you would like to. They are there to serve as education tools and quick starts for your own projects.

As with any open-source GitHub project, we invite you to fork it and do with it as you will.
Feel free to submit pull requests with improvements and we will merge them in for everyone to enjoy.

How to get the SDK

You have several options for downloading the SDK:

Step 1

Use the Git Command Line Tool

If you're a user of the Git command line tool, you can simply clone the repository like this:

git clone

This will create a directory called sdk that has everything in it.

Step 2

Use the GitHub Client for Windows or Mac

GitHub provides software that runs on Windows or Mac. You can download their client software and run it on your computer to sync the SDK repository.

npm install cloudcms-cli -g

Note: If you're in Linux (or Mac), you might have to run sudo npm install cloudcms-cli -g.

Step 3

Download a ZIP file

The SDK is also available as a ZIP file if you want to download it straight away.