"I have successfully tested the integration of Cloud Cms within our PhP project. I am very pleased with the system and the API.

It was quite a learning curve, but what I discovered is a very powerful instrument and that it is quite easy to use when you get the hang of it. Your team has been really helpful in the process."
Samuel Pouyt
Samuel Pouyt, Web Specialist
European Respiratory Society


Everything in Cloud CMS is automatically indexed so that you can search and find content at any time, across all of your projects, using either

  • Simple text
  • Google-like syntax

For a quick tour of these in action, checkout the video on this page or try for yourself by following any of the steps outlined below.

Video of Search and Reporting capabilities (3 min)

Try for yourself by

Searching across the entire Platform

Searching within an individual Project

Saving search parameters by creating as a Report

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