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Application Server / Authentication Providers / CAS

CAS The CAS Authentication Provider enables the Cloud CMS Application Server to authenticate, validate tokens and load user profile information against servers that implement the Central Authentication Service SSO protocol (either version 2 or version 3). Configuration Here are all of the properties that may be configured: "auth": { "enabled": true, "providers": { "keycloak": { "enabled": true, "ssoBaseURL": "", "serverBa

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Application Server / Authentication Providers

Authentication Providers CAS Facebook GitHub Google Keycloak LinkedIn Twitter

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Does Cloud CMS support Single Sign On (SSO)?

Yes, Cloud CMS supports SSO (Single Sign On) with a variety of authentication providers. Many of these providers are offered out-of-the-box -- including providers for Keycloak, Google, CAS and more. In addition, we allow you to implement your own SSO providers and customize the authentication handshake. To learn more about how Cloud CMS authentication providers work, check out the following documentation: Custom Authenticators a

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Application Server / Services / Authentication

Authentication The Authentication Service provides a full authentication framework for stateless and session-based applications. It authenticates requests against back end providers and offers interpretation and parsing of request scope information to provide Single-Sign-On (SSO). Authenticated requests will have user accounts created and synchronized within Cloud CMS either automatically or as part of a registration form process. Authenticated users have Cloud CMS connectivity state managed for

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