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Workflow In explaining workflow, let's first take a look at the following things: Workflow Models Workflow Instances Workflow Tasks Workflow Payload Resources Workflow Comments Workflow History Item Workflow Events Workflow Event Handlers A workflow model is a definition of a workflow consisting of a full set of instructions on how content should be routed between participants or activities on its way toward completion. A workflow model is kind of like a blueprint describing the sequence of step

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Publishing / Workflow

Workflow Cloud CMS lets you define your own Workflows and choose them for the Publish and Unpublish activities. Each activity like Publish and Unpublish will have a Workflow Model which will have a set of instructions on how the contents should be routed during each activity. The default Workflow models we use for the Publish activity is Simple Publish and for the Unpublish activity is Simple Unpublish. You can add your own Workflows and customize your publish and unpublish activities.

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Workflow / Workflow Handlers

Workflow Handlers Add Features Copy Node Email Logger Move Node Remove Features Remove Properties Set Properties Sync Node Web Hook

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Workflow / Sample Workflows / Ad hoc Approval Workflow

Ad hoc Approval Workflow Let's take a look at an Ad hoc Approval workflow. The term Ad hoc is used in the workflow world to refer to a one-step approval process that can be initiated at any time for straight forward approval. { "id": "sample:adhoc", "title": "Sample Adhoc Approval", "nodes": { "start": { "type": "start", "transitions": { "start": "step1" } }, "step1": { "type": "participant",

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User Interface / Workflow

Workflow Cloud CMS provides an enterprise workflow engine that lets teams work together via coordinated tasks. A workflow is a customizable business process that you define and describes a series of steps and activities to be performed by your team members. Workflows are generally used to control the lifecycle state (approval and rejection) of one or more content items or documents. With workflow in place, documents are routed from user to user. Users optionally receive notifications via email a

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Getting Started / Workflow

Workflow A workflow is a business process that describes a series of activities (from start to finish) that must occur for one or more content items to be approved or rejected. Workflows consist of a workflow model that lays out these activities into a series of tasks. Each task is generally an opportunity for someone on your team to do some work. They may also be automatic tasks that do things like send emails, set content properties, call off to HTTP web hooks and more. As content moves throug

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Actions / Start Workflow

Start Workflow ID: startWorkflow Starts a workflow with the given node placed into the payload. Configuration Property Type Required Default Description model text true The ID of the workflow model to be used. swimlanes object false Identifies principals to be assigned into workflow swimlanes. The structure is: { "swimlane1": ["domainId1/principalId1"], "swimlane2": ["domainId2/principalId2"] } runtime object false Allows for manual specification of runtime properties including applica

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Modules / Module Development / Bindings / Menus - Workflow Context

Menus - Workflow Context The workflow-context key defines the left-hand menu options for the Workflow pages. To populate the workflow-context section, your configuration snippet should look like this: { "workflow-context": { "items": [] ] } Default Configuration The default UI configuration for the Workflow pages looks a bit like this: { "workflow-context": { "items": [{ "key": "workflow", "title": "Workflow", "order": 1000,

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User Interface / Workflow / How to Start a Workflow

How to Start a Workflow Note: A Workflow model is defined at Platform level and is available within all projects See workflow video: Example Start a workflow from a ‘document’ There are a number ways to start a workflow. Here is just one: open a document Click 'Workflows' and then ‘+Start Workflow’ This will bring up the Start Workflow Form. Complete the fields in the form. Notes: In our example, the Adhoc Workflow, you will need a

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Content Modeling / Definitions / Association Definition

Association Definition An Association Definition describes the schema of a relationship between two nodes. Fundamentally, association instances are JSON objects that conform to the JSON schema of their association definitions. Association definitions allow you to specify the schema of your associations so as to store properties on them. There are primarily two families of associations - a:linked and a:owned, describing linked and owned associations, respectively. A linked association is one in w

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User Interface / Workflow / View/Create a Workflow Model

View/Create a Workflow Model Switch to Platform level Click 'Workflow Models' (left Nav). Note: You will need to have admin or owner permissions to see the Workflow options. If you select a Workflow model you can Deploy, Undeploy, delete a Workflow model View/Edit Workflow Model Click on the Workflow name, eg Adhoc Approval, to view the Workflow Model To view/edit the Workflow click JSON Manage Active Workflow To see active instances of the workflow model click on Workflow option Note: you can s

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Workflow / Sample Workflows

Sample Workflows Here we provide a collection of sample workflow models that you can use as references. Please look to these as you seek to build out your own custom models. Ad hoc Approval Workflow Custom Form Email Notification Events Example Pooled Task Simple Publish Simple Unpublish

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User Interface / Workflow / View Active/Inactive Workflow

View Active/Inactive Workflow You can view both the Active and Inactive workflow from the Platform and Project levels. The Platform level will show all workflow for all Projects and at Project level it will show all workflow for that Project. Click Workfow Title to open the Workflow Overview page

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Workflow / Sample Workflows / Email Notification

Email Notification Here is an example of a workflow model that sends an email when the workflow transitions into the node1 participant state. s { "id": "email-notification", "title": "Email Notification", "nodes": { "start": { "type": "start", "transitions": { "start": "node1" } }, "node1": { "type": "participant", "title": "Step One", "swimlane": "main", "trans

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Workflow / Sample Workflows / Custom Form

Custom Form You may wish to introduce custom properties that flow along with your workflow. These properties are tracked as your workflow transitions from state to state. They may comprise things like due dates, notes, parameters for the workflow or anything else you'd like. You can use the form capability to define a form that lets users editing and modify these properties. Global Form The global form can be defined once and it will be used for all places within the workflow where a form can be

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Introduction to Workflow - Cloud CMS

Introduction to Workflow - Cloud CMS System Status Videos Blog Support System Status Buy Now Features Quick Start Releases Pricing Documentation Developers Start a Free Trial Features Quick Start Releases Pricing Docs Dev Start a Free Trial Features Why Cloud CMS Releases Pricing Documentation Developers Ask a Question Start a Free Trial About Us Company Careers Customers Partners Contact Us Videos Datasheets Release Notes "The only difference between Cloud CMS and your current on-premise docume

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Workflow / Sample Workflows / Simple Publish

Simple Publish The simple-publish workflow is provided out-of-the-box to support Publishing within Cloud CMS. { "id": "simple-publish", "title": "Simple Publish", "handlers": { "START": [{ "type": "script", "config": { "script": "workflowData.originalChangesetIds = {}; for (var i = 0; i < documents.length; i++) { workflowData.originalChangesetIds[documents[i].id] = documents[i].changesetId; }" } }] }, "nodes"

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Workflow / Sample Workflows / Pooled Task

Pooled Task Here is an example of a pooled task workflow. To use this, simply assign the workflow to a group. { "id": "pooled-task1", "title": "Pooled Task Test with Group Email", "nodes": { "start": { "type": "start", "transitions": { "start": "review" } }, "review": { "type": "participant", "title": "Review Content", "transitions": { "approve": "approve",

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Workflow / Sample Workflows / Events Example

Events Example This workflow model demonstrates how you can use events in various ways. This workflow model is provided as an kind of reference for how handlers can be set up. It isn't intended to be particularly useful or functional beyond its purpose as a demonstration. { "id": "events", "title": "Events Example Model", "nodes": { "start": { "type": "start", "transitions": { "start": "node1" } }, "node1": {

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API / Data Types / Association

Association Type association Datastore Type repository Supports authorities, permissions, transfer Associations, on the other hand, do not bear permissions. They are considered structural elements that provide several meanings for the content in a branch: The "linked" relationships between nodes. These relationships can be broken by either party without validating the integrity of either object. An example is a "related items" relationship in a web site. Suppose Product A points to Product B via

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Workflow / Sample Workflows / Simple Unpublish

Simple Unpublish { "id": "simple-unpublish", "title": "Simple Unpublish", "nodes": { "start": { "type": "start", "transitions": { "start": "unpublish" } }, "unpublish": { "type": "passthru", "title": "Unpublish", "swimlane": "initiator", "transitions": { "next": "end" }, "handlers": { "ENTER": [

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Is there a programmatic way to add more content to workflows?

There is a programmatic way to add more content to workflows once they're in-flight. However, once the workflow is in-flight, the workflow process instance isn't the correct place to add things. Instead, you'd want to add new content to a workflow task. Essentially, a workflow is made up of a series of tasks. When the workflow transitions from one node to another in the workflow model, it instantiates a new task and the task holds the state (and references to documents) for that phase of the wor

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Templates Cloud CMS supports the usage of templates at various points to generate presentation and output for things like emails, PDFs, web page components and more. Cloud CMS supports two template engines - Handlebars and Freemarker. In general, we recommend using Handlebars since the syntax is a bit easier. This document covers Handlebars and describes helper functions available in Handlebars that make processing simpler. Model Variables The following describes the internal structure of model

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Using swimlanes in workflow

Workflow swimlanes are assigned the domain-qualified ID of a principal (which can be either a user or a group). If it is set to a user, then a transition of a workflow into that swimlane will result in a task being assigned to a specific user. If it is set to a group, then a transition of a workflow into that swimlane will result in a task being assigned to a group where none of the members of the group are assigned anything. Rather, the task appears in a list of available tasks that any of the

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What is a pooled task?

A pooled task is a task in your workflow that has a swimlane that consists either of a group or multiple people. Each task in your workflow has a swimlane associated with it. The swimlane determines who will be assigned the task when the task is routed to. If the swimlane consists of a single user, then the task will automatically be assigned. This is the usual case. When a workflow is assigned, it shows up in the "Assigned Tasks" view of your task inbox. However, there will be times when you wi

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