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API / Content Services / Attachments

Attachments Cloud CMS provides support for the storage and retrieval of binary assets. These assets are stored as attachments on an object. Unlike some CMS systems which start with the binary asset, Cloud CMS considers all of your objects and content to be JSON documents. The JSON document then has N number of binary BLOBs attached to it. Each attachment has a unique name and retains information such as mimetype, filename and content length. The following kinds of objects support attachments: Co

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API / Policies / Attachment Policies

Attachment Policies Attachment policies provide places where you can hook in behaviors that trigger when attachments are read, created, updated or deleted against a node. The following policies are available: Policy QName Description p:beforeReadAttachment Raised before a node's attachment is read p:afterReadAttachment Raised after a node's attachment is read p:beforeCreateUpdateAttachment Raised before an node's attachment is added to a node (either created or updated) p:afterCreateUpdateAttach

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API / Content Services / Binaries

Binaries Cloud CMS supports the storage of binary files into one of three possible storage locations: MongoDB GridFS Amazon S3 Local file system Binary files are stored using directory structures (key prefixes) that allow for fast object retrieval from any of these systems. These storage paths are optimized for retrieval and write speed and are subject to implementation changes. The actual API retrieval of these files, on the other hand, utilizes a simple filename convention. You simply retrieve

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API / Features / Watermarkable

Watermarkable Cloud CMS lets you configure your content so that watermarks are automatically applied when content is created and updated. This lets you systematize the watermarking of your images to ensure consistency across your project. You can maintain a single watermark or multiple watermarks and divide up how they are applied on both a per-content instance and per-content type basis. To start, you simply upload a watermark image to Cloud CMS. Typically, watermark images are image/jpeg or im

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Application Server / URL Addressability / Node URLs

Node URLs The Application Server supports retrieval of nodes and node attachments via URLs and takes responsibility for setting headers and cache state for optimal performance. This method is the preferred method for dealing with binary payloads as it ensures compatibility with CDN edge caching. In addition, binary and JSON files that are retrieved from the Cloud CMS API are cached on the Application Server itself so that subsequent requests benefit from having a local copy. A notifications laye

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API / Features / Previewable

Previewable QName: f:previewable Automates the creation and updating of "preview" attachments for one or more attachments on this node. Preview attachments are secondary binary attachments that are the result of one or more transformation operations to the original attachment. As an example, you might apply the f:previewable feature to a node that holds a PDF. The preview configuration lets you split the PDF into multiple pages and store snapshots of those pages as image/jpeg attachments on the

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API / Conditions / Node Has Attachment

Node Has Attachment The nodeHasAttachment condition tests whether a node has an attachment with a given attachmentId and optional contentType. It triggers if a matching attachment is found. JSON Schema { "title": "Node Has Attachment", "properties": { "attachmentId": { "type": "string", "title": "Attachment ID", "default": "default" }, "contentType": { "type": "string", "title": "Content Type" }

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Application Server / URL Addressability / Principal URLs

Principal URLs Principal Retrieval /** * Provides virtualized principal retrieval from Cloud CMS. * * This handler checks to see if the requested resource is already cached to disk. If not, it makes an attempt * to retrieve the content from Cloud CMS (and cache to disk). * * If nothing found, this handler passes through, allowing other handlers downstream to serve back the content. * * URIs may include the following structures: * * /static/principal/{principalId} * /static/prin

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API / Features / Thumbnailable

Thumbnailable QName: f:thumbnailable Configures a node to automatically generate thumbnails for the node content or attachments. With this feature applied, one or more thumbnail images will be generated based on the node's JSON or attachment content. These thumbnails can be of various sizes and are automatically generated when the node's content is created, updated or deleted or its relevant attachment is updated. Thumbnail generation is always synchronous. Thumbnails are generated when the node

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Application Server / Dust Tags / @nodeAttachmentValue

@nodeAttachmentValue Downloads a node attachment as text. Syntax {@nodeAttachmentValue node="" attachment=""/}

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