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UI Developers Guide

UI Developers Guide The Cloud CMS user interface is an HTML / JavaScript application that comes pre-configured with a base application that is feature-complete and out-of-the-box. It includes a ready-to-run content management and collaboration tool set for managing documents, web sites, mobile content and more. It also makes some default assumptions about page layout, placement of buttons, availability of functionality and role-based provisioning that may or may not match your desired editorial

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Modules All you need to build your own add-on modules is GitHub and some JavaScript / HTML skills. You can get started quickly by forking the Cloud CMS UI Sample Add-on Module repository on GitHub. This sample add-on works with the data set provided by the Sample Project (which is included with every free trial). Fork the Sample Module on GitHub Register your Module Note: To register your module, you must have Manager rights to your tenant. If you do not have Manager rights, you will either need

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UI Developers Guide / Modules

Modules Common files that each module should have: module.json (where you give the module a name) install.js uninstall.js As soon as you have these files, the rest is up to you depending on what you would like to customize in the module. Take a look at some sample modules in our SDK Custom Modules One of the features that make CloudCMS super configurable is the ability to implement custom modules. Within a custom module, you can define new UI elements that your editorial team can use in their da

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UI Developers Guide / Evaluators

Evaluators Evaluators are used to define conditions that determine whether a block of configuration should be included in the evaluated and merged configuration document. Evaluators work on different aspects of the runtime experience, including: what is being observed who is observed it what URL is being looked at what objects are known about at the time (i.e. observables) what permissions and authorities the current user has over things that are being observed There are many types of evaluators

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Projects In Cloud CMS, a Project is an isolated workspace in which your team can collaborate on the production and publication of content. You can create as many Projects as you wish. Within each Project, you can: Design your content model (types, features and associations) Build out editorial forms for easy-content entry Wire up "automagic" business logic consisting of Rules, Actions and Conditions to automatically do things like call out to web hooks, send emails or sanitize your data as edito

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Access Policies / Conditions / Project Matches

Project Matches This section describes features that are coming in 3.3. The project-matches condition allows you to constrain a policy statement so that it applies to entities that are contained with a project. The project can be matched using either its ID (_doc) or its title. This condition supports regular expressions, allowing you to focus in on a single value or wildcard expressions for matches. Configuration To match a project by ID: { "type": "project-matches", "config": {

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User Interface / Projects / Create a Project

Create a Project You can create as many projects as you would like within Cloud CMS. Each project provides a collaborate space for your team. You use this collaboration space to: Work on content together Design your content schema, properties and forms Invite users into teams and assign roles and responsibilities Approve content and make it available on your web site or mobile app And much more. There are multiple ways to create a project. For example, you can: Create a Project from scratch -Cre

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UI Developers Guide / Contexts / project-dashboard

project-dashboard [ { "config": { "project-dashboard": { "availableLayouts": [], "selectedLayout": "2-columns-left", "availableDashlets": [ { "type": "project-favorites", "title": "My Favorites" }, { "type": "project-recentedit", "title": "My Recent Edits" }, { "type": "project-tasks", "title": "My Tasks" }, {

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UI Developers Guide / Contexts / project-context

project-context [ { "evaluator": "and", "condition": [ { "evaluator": "context-project" } ], "config": { "project-context": { "items": [ { "key": "project/explore/heading", "items": [ { "key": "project/deployments", "title": "Deployments", "uri": "#/projects/{projectId}/deployments", "iconClass": "typcn typcn-arrow-shuffle"

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User Interface / Projects / Copy a Project

Copy a Project To copy a project, first bring up the list of Projects within your Platform by clicking on the Projects link on the left-hand menu. Find the Project you wish to copy in the list of Projects. Once you've found the Project, select it by clicking on the checkbox on the left-hand side. Then click on the Selected... dropdown and pick "Copy Project": This will bring up the Copy Project Wizard. Give your new Project a Title and a Description and then click Copy. Your Project will be copi

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User Interface / Projects / Delete a Project

Delete a Project To delete a project, first bring up the list of Projects within your Platform by clicking on the Projects link on the left-hand menu. Find the Project you wish to delete in the list of Projects. Once you've found the Project, select it by clicking on the checkbox on the left-hand side. Then click on the Selected... dropdown and pick "Delete Project": This will bring up the Delete Project Wizard. Click the Delete button to delete your Project. Once you delete a Project, it is del

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User Interface / Projects / Import a Project

Import a Project Backup on same Tenant When a project is exported, as described in "Project Export", the export is placed in the Vault (Platform Manager > Vaults). To make the project available to import select the Archive and select Publish. Once the Archive has been set to Published the project is now available in the 'Create a New Project' list. From an external backup From the Vaults archive list you are able to download your Archive - this will create a zip file. To import the backup file o

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UI Developers Guide / Evaluators / context-project

context-project If the project or things within a project are being observed (as opposed to a platform or things within a platform). { "evaluator": "context-project" }

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User Interface / Projects / Export a Project

Export a Project Projects can be exported for purposes of backup and restore or for use in creating future projects that are templated copies of the exports. In this way, you can make backups or take snapshots of your projects at moments in time. Exported projects are stored as Archives in a Cloud CMS Vault. They can be maintained in that vault, allowing you to edit the metadata and publish the archive so as to make it available to other users on the platform. Archives can also be downloaded fro

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User Interface / Security / Add a User to a Project

Add a User to a Project Option 1: Create User in the Tenant First step is to create the user. At Platform level, select 'Member' (left nav) and '+Create User' Enter the values on the forms and 'Save'. Result: User is now created. Note: The new user will not be able to see any projects when they login the new user will be seen in the Tenant members list and will be available to be added as an 'existing user' to any project Second Step is to add the user to a Project As Admin or Project owner sele

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UI Developers Guide / Contexts / project-manage-context

project-manage-context [ { "evaluator": "context-project", "config": { "project-manage-context": { "items": [ { "key": "project/manage/settings", "title": "Project Settings", "uri": "#/projects/{projectId}/settings", "cssClass": "dashboard-link", "order": 10000, "dashboardHeader": true, "iconClass": "fa fa-sliders", "allowAuthority": [ "admin",

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UI Developers Guide / Contexts / project-mypreferences-context

project-mypreferences-context [ { "evaluator": "context-project", "config": { "project-mypreferences-context": { "items": [ { "key": "project/mypreferences", "title": "My Preferences", "order": 10000, "header": true, "items": [ { "key": "project/mypreferences/properties", "title": "Properties", "uri": "#/projects/{projectId}/mypreferences",

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UI Developers Guide / Evaluators / context-project-application

context-project-application If an Application is being observed within a Project. { "evaluator": "context-project-application" }

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UI Developers Guide / Evaluators / project-workspaces-enabled

project-workspaces-enabled If a Project is currently being observed and has the "workspaces" feature enabled. { "evaluator": "project-workspaces-enabled" }

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UI Developers Guide / Evaluators / project-has-application

project-has-application If a Project is currently being observed and has at least one Application defined. { "evaluator": "project-has-application" }

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UI Developers Guide / Evaluators / project-has-module

project-has-module If a Project is currently being observed and has the given module. { "evaluator": "project-has-module", "condition": "{moduleId}" }

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UI Developers Guide / Contexts / project-media-types

project-media-types [ { "evaluator": "context-project", "config": { "project-media-types": { "mediatypes": [ { "key": "youtube", "label": "YouTube" }, { "key": "vimeo", "label": "Vimeo" }, { "key": "soundcloud", "label": "SoundCloud" }, { "key": "brightcove", "label": "Brightcove" } ]

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UI Developers Guide / Contexts / project-user-context

project-user-context [ { "evaluator": "context-user", "config": { "project-user-context": { "items": [ { "key": "member", "title": "Project Member", "order": 1000, "header": true, "items": [ { "key": "member/overview", "title": "Overview", "uri": "#/projects/{projectId}/members/{principalId}", "iconClass": "fa fa-angle-right",

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UI Developers Guide / Contexts / project-team-subcontext

project-team-subcontext [ { "config": { "project-team-subcontext": { "items": [ { "key": "team", "title": "Team", "order": 1000, "header": true, "items": [ { "key": "team/view", "title": "Overview", "uri": "#/projects/{projectId}/teams/{teamId}", "order": 1000 }, { "key": "team/access-po

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UI Developers Guide / Contexts / project-field-templates

project-field-templates [ { "evaluator": "context-project", "config": { "project-field-templates": { "templates": [ { "key": "string/text", "title": "Text", "description": "Simple text field. e.g. title, name, header", "icon": "fa fa-align-left" }, { "key": "number/number", "title": "Number", "description": "Numeric value. e.g. score, rating, age, price",

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