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Modules / Create a Module / Plugins

Plugins Cloud CMS plugins let you enhance your editorial user interface with new features and capabilities that integrate to popular third-party services like YouTube, Vimeo and Google Docs. Plugins provision your editorial environment with things like: new form field types that integrate to third-party services new user interface pages for browsing and working with media from third-party services new actions or rules to enhance your repository's business logic new content types, associations an

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User Interface / Embed Media In CKEditor / YouTube

YouTube Create a YouTube Video Template In "Embedded Media Editor", create your templates for Youtube videos by selecting "YouTube" from the "Media Type" dropdown. Then configure the width, height and border of the embedded media. Click "Update" to save the changes. Insert a YouTube Video Now you can open a CKEditor, click the button to insert an embedded media, and choose a template you created to insert a Youtube media. Put in the ID of your video. Hit "Save" to confirm, and you will see the m

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Forms / Fields / CK Editor

CK Editor ID: ckeditor The ckeditor field renders the popular CKEditor HTML control. This offers a fully-featured HTML editor on top of a string schema type. It is ideal for situations where you wish to provide your editorial team with the ability to edit HTML visually and offers a large range of plugins and behaviors that you can customize. For basic information of what is possible in terms of configuring this field type, please view the Alpaca Forms documentation for the CKEditor field. Config

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Modules / Create a Module

Create a Module Common files that each module should have: module.json (where you give the module a name) install.js uninstall.js As soon as you have these files, the rest is up to you depending on what you would like to customize in the module. Take a look at some sample modules in our SDK Actions Bindings Config Service Evaluators Plugins Templates

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User Interface / Embed Media In CKEditor

Embed Media In CKEditor With the CloudCMS iframe inserter plugin in the CKEditor, you can embed media elements in the editor. Create an Embedded Media Template From a project level of your CloudCMS client, go to "Manage Project" -- "Editors" -- "Embedded Media Editor". Create a new embedded media template by clicking "+" button under "Templates". You can choose a media type from Vimeo, Youtube, Soundcloud and Brightcove. Then configure some basic settings for the media. Click "Update" to save th

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User Interface / Embed Media In CKEditor / Advanced Usages / Extend Media Types

Extend Media Types The out of the box media types on CloudCMS are Youtube, Vimeo, Brightcove and Soundcloud. However, we grant you the ability to introduce any other media types. Follow this tutorial to learn how. (Code is involved!) Create a xxx-link.js File Note: Take a look at these files to get a sense of it. getSchema() and getOptions() These two methods allow you to create a form with specific fields to configure for templates of this type. /** * @override */ getSchema: fun

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