"I have successfully tested the integration of Cloud Cms within our PhP project. I am very pleased with the system and the API.

It was quite a learning curve, but what I discovered is a very powerful instrument and that it is quite easy to use when you get the hang of it. Your team has been really helpful in the process."
Samuel Pouyt
Samuel Pouyt, Web Specialist
European Respiratory Society

User and Group Management

Accounts and Profiles

Create one or multiple databases to store all of the accounts and profiles for your business and/or application registered users. Tightly control access to resources on a per-user and group basis. Utilize groups to organize common access rights and privileges.

Use group-inheritance to finely describe the capabilities of different constituents within your app or business. Query audit records to asset compliance with system-wide access policies.

Identity Management

Automatic management of authentication credentials for secure login to Cloud CMS along with flows for registration, password reset, forgotten password and more. Manage the identities and passwords for users across all Cloud CMS resources.

Store and associate access tokens for third-party systems such as Facebook, Twitter, GitHub, LinkedIn and more so that Cloud CMS can retrieve andn submit content to/from external systems on the end user's behalf.

Single Sign On (SSO)

Allow users to flow between applications hosted on Cloud CMS by granting Single-Sign-On (SSO) shared identities across multiple domains. Users centrally manage a single profile and single set of credentials that are shared across all applications where the user can log in.

Power your multi-tenant or multi-property ambitions with a platform designed to scale while still allowing the flexibility, extensibility and ease-of-use of a standalone app.

Key Features


Create as many domains as you'd like to store collections of users and groups for your projects, apps and organizations.


Store users along with any custom properties and place them into groups in a hierarchical membership tree.


Store groups as well along with custom properties. Organize groups into groups to create nested organizational structures.


Organize users and groups into Teams to let your business users easily define roles within project workspaces.


Create as many users as you'd like and log in as these users with authentication credentials you manage.


Share identities across users in different domains to provide Single Sign On (SSO) across your apps and projects.


Utilize role-based authorities to finely grant access rights to anything inside of Cloud CMS on a per user and per group basis.

Credentials Vault

Store thirdparty credentials (such as OAuth2 access tokens) granted in accordance with connections to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other systems.