Why Customers Choose Cloud CMS

Powerful Features

We solve hard problems so that our customers don't have to.

Cloud CMS provides features that are typically only found in Enterprise CMS products.
We bring those features to the world of headless CMS and API microservices.

These include:

  • Git-like versioning (with branches, visual fork/merge and pull requests)
  • Rich Content Modeling and Forms
  • Enterprise Workflow
  • Automatic and Scheduled Publishing
  • Deployment to other data centers, Amazon S3, FTP and custom Deployment Receivers

"I have been searching for a product like Cloud CMS for over 10 years.

After false starts with some typical content management solutions, we were finally able to design the content repository that our business required."
James Baddiley
James Baddiley, CEO

Easy for Editorial Users

It's easy (and even fun) to Create, Manage and Publish fresh content to your web sites and mobile applications.

Make changes to content using Content Entry forms. Instantly preview changes to see what they would look like if they were live. Approve content from QA and Staging through to Production. Publish content around the world with the click of a button.


Content Editors create and update content using easy-to-use content entry forms


Preview, Approve and Merge changes back to the Master branch


Schedule the deployment of content to Amazon S3, FTP, custom endpoints and other Cloud CMS API installations worldwide

"Cloud CMS delivers us the most open CMS architecture in the marketplace. It infuses our clients' vertical content with API powers that give every paragraph and every line the highest level of granular control, security and distribution."
Paul Levy
Paul Levy, CEO

"This platform is ideal for businesses interested in having a team work together on projects, while also offering the convenience of working from an iOS or Android device."
John Boitnott
John Boitnott, Journalist
Inc. Magazine

Create Once, Publish Everywhere

The idea with Cloud CMS is that you should be able to create content once and then re-purpose that content for future initiatives. Invest once and then reuse by easily deploying, copying or repurposing content as needed.

Cloud CMS lets you create as many Projects and Schemas as you would like. Everything is done using JSON Schema and provisioned using a decoupled API.

That way, you avoid vendor lock-in. And you can use best-of-breed technologies for your front-end applications of today... and tomorrow.

On-Premise or in the Cloud

Cloud CMS is offered as both a hosted offering and as a Docker download. With the hosted offering, we take care of upgrades, backup and uptime. With Docker, you're free to run Cloud CMS anywhere you'd like and own 100% of the infrastructure.

Work where you want to work. Publish content to the places where your apps need it to be.

Our Content Transfer facility lets you copy and deploy content between Cloud CMS environments, no matter whether it is on-premise or in the cloud. One-click Publishing lets you automate and schedule these deployments for go live.

"Cloud CMS gives us Enterprise features without the Enterprise cost. The platform enabled us to quickly deliver Apple and Android applications with real-time content updates and publishing."
Russell Pierpoint
Russell Pierpoint, CEO
Evolved Media

Real World Solutions

Cloud CMS comes with pre-built solutions for many common content management scenarios. Our API and user-interface comes pre-wired with implementations for Document Management, Web Content Management, Digital Assets Management and Knowledge Base Management.

"Multi-lingual content provided by Cloud CMS within a native multi-tenant environment allowed us to focus more on building our customer portal. Their API-first approach was very much appreciated by our Engineering team and saved us time for development."
Pierre Boces
Pierre Boces
Head of Product Marketing
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