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"I have been searching for a product like Cloud CMS for over 10 years.

After false starts with some typical content management solutions, we were finally able to design the content repository that our business required."
James Baddiley
James Baddiley, CEO

Content Analytics working in Cloud CMS in minutes

I need to confess that I find the Analytics feature in Cloud CMS absolutely amazing. More amazing is the fact you can sign up for a Cloud CMS trial and see the Analytics feature work with the Sample Web Site project with no configuration or programming necessary. Enough of my excitement – I will outline how you can see this feature:

  1. Sign up for a Cloud CMS trial. Login as instructed in the email you will be sent
  2. Select the Sample Web Project. This will take a couple of minutes for the system to create the project and the Sample Web Site
    1. At this point you can look at the CMS components and your hosted Website.
    2. Navigate through Documents to view Cupcakes (Samples->Catalog->Products)
  3. Now - when you look at the hosted website or a preview of the website analytics will be collected real-time. Look at various cupcake pages
    • Preview: Select Product Catalog to view the cupcake site
    • To find the URL to hosted site.
      1. In the left Nav select Applications
      2. Open Sample Web Application
      3. Select Deployments to find the URLs for your hosted site
  4. To view Analytics
    1. in the left Nav select Warehouses (nearly at the bottom of the left nav)
    2. Open Sample Web Project ‘analytics’ warehouse
    3. Open Warehouse
    • Observe the counts of various cupcake pages viewed

What is not included in this demo:

  1. Events: triggering actions based of the analytics collected. For example:
    • Sending an email when certain number of content views
    • Validation that content has been read
    • Automatically, changing where content appears based on the content metrics

This is a fairly simple example of a very powerful feature which hopefully you have been able to see in minutes. I have not seen this type of feature within a Content Management System other than with costly add-on products or search tools.

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