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"I have been searching for a product like Cloud CMS for over 10 years.

After false starts with some typical content management solutions, we were finally able to design the content repository that our business required."
James Baddiley
James Baddiley, CEO

Grand Opening

Today our young company achieved its first major milestone. Today we officially launched our Cloud CMS platform. Today is our grand opening.

On this important day, I want to share with you a conversation that happened a few days ago between me and my mom.

“Son, tell me something about the project that you are working on. Explain to me why you think it will be a success.”, my mom asked.

While I consider my mom to be the most intelligent woman in the world, she has very little knowledge in computer or software.

It was a challenge for me to explain it in such a way that my mom could understand.

“Ma, just think we are builders and running a property management business. Our customers rent space from us while we will take care of their need for wifi, electricity, water, gas, AC etc. We are also their security guards and janitors. We even mow the yard and plow the snow for them.”

“When rent a room, all the plugs are there and they can start to build their own business just the way they want. They might be a department store, a restaurant, a barber shop or even something as small as a lemonade stand.”

“They will only pay for the utilities and the space they rent. If they need more space or plugs, they can have them right the way. When they don’t need them, they won’t need to pay for them.”

“Since we are experts in constructing buildings, producing high-quality and friendly plugs, and all maintenance work, we can make things very cost effective for our customers and still make a healthy profit. Our customers can then focus on the things that they are good at and leave the utility stuff to us.”
“Another really cool thing is that our customers can also sub-lease their space to their own customers. And their customers can enjoy the exact same service as they have. They can bill their own customers any way they wish while we will only charge them based on the reading of their utility meter.”

“This is something that nobody else can provide today.”

My mom seemed to get what I said. She nodded her head and said

“Son, I know you are doing the right thing and I wish for it to be a big success!”

I believe that is what we have produced. It is a unique platform that brings fresh air to the CMS and Cloud space.

I hope you will share our vision and passion and give our Cloud CMS a try.

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