The Cloud CMS Application Server is a Node.js / Express-based Application that can be downloaded and run with very little setup. All you need to do is provide your Cloud CMS account credentials and the Application Server will connect and come online ready to serve your content.


To get started, you will need Node.js. Please visit to download Node.js for your platform.


You will also need to be familiar with Git. The source for the Cloud CMS Application Server is available on GitHub.

Download and Build

First create a directory where you will do your work. Go into that directory and then run the following from a command prompt:

git clone

This may take a little bit of time depending on your internet connection. When it finishes, do the following:

cd cloudcms-application-server
npm install

This will build the application server.


You need to tell the Cloud CMS Application Server about your Cloud CMS account. The easiest way to do this is to utilize the Cloud CMS command line client.

TODO: more coming soon

Start it Up!

To start the Cloud CMS Application Server, run the following:

npm start