When working with content by content type via the user interface, you may find it helpful to group your content types hierarchically. This is especially true if you have a large number of content types. Grouping can help to make it easier to navigate the left-hand content types tree.

To group your content types, first navigate to the content type itself. You can reach the content type by clicking on a hyperlink for the type (with a name such as my:content) or by entering via the Content Models page.

Once you're looking at the content type, click on Paths.

At the bottom of this page, you'll see a text box where you can fill in a grouping. Simply enter a / separated group path and save your changes. Once you do, you'll see your content types grouped into a hierarchical folder structure that reflects your group paths.

An Example

Suppose you have the following content types:


The list could get quite a bit larger, but let's suppose we just have these 6. Among these 6, we might notice that there are essentially two different groups of types.

  • We have UI content consisting of my:header, my:nav and my:carousel.
  • We have Editorial content consisting of my:article, my:press-release and my:news-item.

For each content type, we can assign the grouping path, like this:

Content Type Grouping Path
my:article /Editorial
my:press-release /Editorial
my:header /UI
my:nav /UI
my:carousel /UI
my:news-item /Editorial

Once these are set, the Content Types page will reflect your content types grouped into two top-level groups ("Editorial" and "UI"). Each group is collapsible, allowing you to expand only the content types that you need to work on at the moment.

Finally, the Content Types page allows you to navigate not only into individual content types but also into these groups.

  1. If you select a group, content instances of all of the content types under that group will appear on the right-hand side.
  2. If you select a single content type, only the content instances of that specific content type will appear on the right-hand side.