"This platform is ideal for businesses interested in having a team work together on projects, while also offering the convenience of working from an iOS or Android device."
John Boitnott
John Boitnott, Journalist
Inc. Magazine

Forms Engine

Enable your team to design new forms quickly, powered by our open source engine AlpacaJS, with minimal (if any) custom code.

Create screens for different audiences by:

  • taking advantage of multi-page wizards
  • formatted for delivery across web and mobile devices

For a quick tour of these in action, checkout the adjacent video - or try for yourself by following any of the steps outlined below.

Video of event registration using Forms (5 min)

Try for Yourself

Cloud Forms

Design content type schemas and forms within Cloud CMS and then surface them within your own web sites or hosted servers. Forms render and save data back to Cloud CMS for instant reporting and data capture. Cloud CMS data lists record data entries. Export your data from Cloud CMS to ZIP, PDF and CSV.

Access from any Web Site

The Cloud CMS Forms plugin runs on any web site and utilizes the AlpacaJS forms engine to provide a rich front-end experience.

Drag and Drop Visual Designer

Cloud CMS features a drag-and-drop visual designer that lets you quickly assemble complex JSON schema documents for your content types. Content types enjoy all the benefits of Cloud CMS, including inheritance, features, aspect-oriented behaviors and automatic workflow integration for lifecycle approval.

Data Lists

Capture the responses from your end users into data lists. Data lists allow you to see all of the form entries in a single place, comparing them row-by-row. Sort by individual fields or export to third-party programs such as Microsoft Excel.

40+ controls, dozens of layouts and solid browser support

Cloud Forms provides a wide array of customizable controls, complete with documentation and examples. Customize fields to match the expectations of your end users. Edit Handlebars files to modify the layout further, expressing exact formatting as needed.

Deliver to Web and Mobile

Cloud Forms run on both web and mobile devices, letting you define your content types once and provision them across lots of different form factors and applications at once. Capture your data in a single place and reduce your development effort.

Key Features

JSON Schema

Define your content and forms using JSON Schema complete with properties, constraints, validation logic and naming conventions.

Flexible Layout

Organize the presentation of your forms with configuration. Or take full control with HTML Handlebars templates.

Control Library

Choose from 30+ configurable controls to make your form user experience more engaging - controls include CK Editor, ACE, TypeAhead and more.

Visual Designer

Our drag-and-drop visual designer lets you build your schema and presentation quickly and easily.

One-Click Deployment

Deploy your custom forms, surveys and wizards to the cloud right away with no IT involvement or turnaround.

Data Collection and Reports

Automatically capture the responses to your forms in data lists. Instantly view this information and report on it.