Postman with Cloud CMS

Guide and References for connectivity to Cloud CMS

Connecting to Cloud CMS

If you want to test out the Cloud CMS API using Postman or another HTTP client, you'll first have to obtain an authentication token

  1. First, ensure you have API Keys configured for your project (this is done by default for the sample project). You can find these by going to Manage Project and clicking API Keys in the left hand menu.
  2. Next, we will request the token. In Postman, use the 'Basic Auth' type under Authorization, with the clientKey as the username and clientSecret as the password.

  3. Go to the body tab, and ensure the x-www-form-urlencoded radio button is selected. Then, add a grant_type key with value password, and scope key with value api. Add username and password as well, and set these to the username and password from your api keys.

  4. Send the request, and you should get a response with the following data:

  5. For all future requests to the API, you will need an authorization header. Copy the access_token from the previous response, and add Bearer in front as the value for this Authorization header