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Structured Content with Git-like versioning


Editors work together to approve and publish content. Respond quickly with frequent updates or rollback to any point in time.


Schedule updates to be published when needed to meet the critical time sensitive requirements of content and customers.


Every change is versioned and can be recovered if ever needed. Track and compare changes ensuring what you publish is correct.

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What is Cloud CMS?

Definitions for Cloud CMS (noun) [kloud see em es]

  1. A decoupled JSON and binary content platform that provides a high performance, transactional API to Create Once and Publish Everywhere
  2. A headless Content Management System with a rich and extensible user interface so that your editorial team can create, manage and publish content to your web sites and applications with ease
  3. A powerful content engine that runs in the cloud or on-premise using Docker, letting you plug it right into your API-oriented, low-latency microservices-based applications
  4. The content backend that you would build if you had the time to do it

Key Features

Git like Version Control

Every change is captured and versioned. Track, compare, revert changes, or rollback to any moment in time.

Scheduled Publishing

Publish now or schedule to be published when needed. Schedule small individual changes or a major product launch.

Structured Content

Related content is published automatically. Never forget to publish an article without related images again


Powerful Search features include, full-text search, built-in pagination and sorting, saved search and federated search across projects.

Publish Anywhere

Publish to destination Deployment Endpoints including Amazon S3 buckets, FTP servers, file system locations and Cloud CMS branches.

Access Policies

Lock down content rights for specific users, groups or teams using Role-based Authorities.


Enforce your content approval and deployment across multiple participants, tasks and spanning multiple environments


Our API provides functionality that covers all aspects of content production, publishing, and presentation.


Cloud CMS supports query via GraphQL. GraphQL is offered as a core API that sits alongside the Cloud CMS REST APIs.

Smart Connectors

Build Amazing Applications

let nodes = (await session.queryNodes(repositoryId, branchId, null, { "category": "large" })).rows;
nodes.forEach(node => console.log(node));
ObjectNode q = JsonUtil.createObject();
q.put("category", "large");

ResultMap rs = branch.queryNodes(q);
for (BaseNode node: rs.values()) {


JObject query = new JObject();
query["category"] = "large";

List results = await branch.QueryNodesAsync(query);
foreach (IBaseNode node in results)
    Console.WriteLine(((INode) node).Data["title"]);
query = {
    'category': 'large'

results = branch.query_nodes(query)
for node in results.values():
req.branch(function(err, branch) {
        "category": "large"
    }).then(function() {
        res.render("products", {
            "nodes": this.asList()
query = {
    'category': 'large'
node_array = branch.query_nodes(query);
node_array.each do |node|
    puts 'node: ' + JSON.pretty_generate(node)

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"I'm continually blown away by how far above and beyond you all go to support us. Absolutely the best customer service I've ever received."
NSW Health
Alana McDonald, Senior Librarian (Library and New Street)
The Sydney Children's Hospital Network

Customer Whitepaper

"We chose a product that only manages content, and that is doing only this, but that does it very well. It does not influence the design nor the technology we want to use to display that content."
Samuel Pouyt
Samuel Pouyt, Software Architect and Full Stack Developer
European Respiratory Society

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