"I have successfully tested the integration of Cloud Cms within our PhP project. I am very pleased with the system and the API.

It was quite a learning curve, but what I discovered is a very powerful instrument and that it is quite easy to use when you get the hang of it. Your team has been really helpful in the process."
Samuel Pouyt
Samuel Pouyt, Web Specialist
European Respiratory Society

Enterprise Security

Object Level Permissions

Everything within Cloud CMS obeys a strict security policy that is enforced all the way down to the individual object or content item. Assign permissions or access rights one object at a time, if you'd like, to ensure that the right people have access to the right content.

Our auditing system automatically captures all access, API and service calls so that you can assert compliance of the system with your security policy over time.

Role-based Security

Roles make it much easier for your teams to manage security. Roles group together permissions and allow your team members to broadly describe the rights that specific kinds of users (such as a Manager or a Contributor) have to content in a project.

Take advantage of the 8 out-of-the-box Roles that Cloud CMS provides. Or create your own Roles on a per-project basis. Calibrate to your exact needs without IT or development getting involved.

Project Teams

Set up teams for your projects so that everyone can work together fluidly. Different teams have different Roles assigned to them. As a result, some team members may be able to edit some content, create other content or have access to certain buttons or features of the Cloud CMS user interface.

Invite team members on board to collaborate according to the Roles that team membership grants them. Create new teams or adjust existing teams on the fly as your project grows.

Key Features

Role-based Security

Grant authorities to users or groups to be consumers, editors, collaborators or coordinators of any object, datastore or container within Cloud CMS.

Object-level Permissions

Specify access rights down to the individual object level with fine-grained control of individual permissions.

Audit Records

An audit trail is captured at all times to assert the integrity and consistency of your security policy for purposes of thirdparty compliance.


Bundle up access rights into teams to allow project users to easily take on tasks and assignments.

Custom Roles and Teams

Create as many custom roles and teams as you'd like so as to finely describe your content production process and business user capabilities.

Secure Everything

Absolutely every datastore, container and object in Cloud CMS obeys your company's security policy.