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Private Cloud

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The Content Platform for Cloud-Connected Applications

Cloud CMS is a scalable, feature-rich platform that empowers applications with all of the backbone capabilities needed to deliver powerful digital experiences. It lowers the cost of development, quickens the pace of deployment and delivers powerful insights into your customer behavior, needs and lead generation.

Create Content Once

Create your content once using future-proof, form-based content modeling that separates data from presentation. Our enterprise data dictionary includes dynamic schemas with validation, auditing and server-side behaviors, renditions and event callbacks.

Manage Securely

Collaborate around your business, social and analytics content within a scalable, branch-merge enterprise content repository. Team up safely with anyone worldwide by leveraging a team and object-level security and content lifecycle management.

Deliver Everywhere

Publish your approved content to web sites and mobile apps while leveraging full-text search and structured query. Plug in one of our open-source drivers for iOS, Android, Titanium, PhoneGap and JS/HTML5 (jQuery, Sencha, Dojo and more).

Enterprise Support

For Cloud and On-Premise installations

We offer commercial licenses, source code and enhanced service level agreements to guarantee uptime for hosted and on-premise enterprise subscribers.

Please contact us for more information, including requests for training, consulting services or licensing.

Join the Community

Ask Questions and Get Answers

Become part of a growing community of content collaborators, developers and marketing teams who are using Cloud CMS all around the world.

We invite you interact, find answers and contribute solutions as you build out your digital experiences.

The Cloud Backbone for your Business Apps

Cloud CMS is designed for mobile and touch applications running on many different devices. Our drivers and REST API let your mobile applications carry the user experience across devices, from one surface to the next, spanning form factors, different kinds of media and personalized content delivery.

We've spared no expense in stocking the platform with features that enterprise applications require. It's all pre-built and pre-integrated. That way, you save time and money.

Content Management

Cloud CMS offers content services built on top of JSON and mobile-friendly HTTP services.

We give it all to you - data modeling, traversals, query and full-text search, mimetype transformations, data extractors, email, auditing, workflow and WebDAV and FTP and more!

Identity Management

Cloud CMS manages your identities, credentials, passwords, access tokens and token exchange services.

That way, your applications are easier to build. Our drivers utilize OAuth2 and SSL to provide secure connectivity to the cloud so you can register, sign in, update profiles, request password resets and much more.


Cloud CMS provides role-based, object-level authorization for users, groups and teams on your platform.

This ensure you can lock down permissions and access rights to your data. We feature inherited authorities, container propagation and multiple domains of users, groups and memberships.


Cloud CMS lets you white label and carve off new platforms for your own clients.

We provision you with your own platform. You are then free to sub-provision it to your own clients. We provide integrated billing and subscription management to help bolster your own platform brand.

Low Cost & Cloud Scale

Cloud CMS was built from the-ground up on top of a fresh, scalable and elastic architecture so that you only pay for what you use.

It's your platform. Scale up when you need more horsepower and scale back when you don't. If that isn't enough, we let you install on-premise or on our own dedicated hardware.

For the Enterprise

Cloud CMS gives your business a platform for building, delivering and analyzing data across your apps.

We give you the services to deliver meaningful content to your customers and make sense of how they interact with that content. Not just on one device, but across all of your customer touchpoints.


Cloud CMS provides a single content platform for business-generated and user-generated content.

We believe in content resonance. Content that flows from the outside-in is just as important that the content that flows from the inside-out.

Now let the audience lead.

Built for Mobile

Cloud CMS is the only content platform that was built for mobile.

We provide a complete and extensible REST API over HTTP and OAuth2.

We provide drivers for JavaScript, jQuery, Sencha, iOS, Android, Java, NodeJS, Titanium and PhoneGap.