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Happy Customers

"I have been searching for a product like Cloud CMS for over 10 years.

After false starts with some typical content management solutions, we were finally able to design the content repository that our business required."
James Baddiley
James Baddiley, CEO
"Enterprises looking to go beyond their startup website should put Cloud CMS on their list. The ease of use, the content creation capabilities and the ability to move to different editions make it easy to get started, and the fact that it has great analytics is a bonus."
Jim Lundy
Jim Lundy, CEO
Aragon Research

What is Cloud CMS?

Definitions for Cloud CMS (noun) [kloud see em es]

  1. A decoupled JSON and binary content platform that provides a high performance, transactional API to Create Once and Publish Everywhere
  2. A headless CMS with a rich and extensible user interface so that your editorial team can create, manage and publish fresh content to your web sites and mobile apps with ease
  3. A powerful content engine that runs in the cloud or on-premise using Docker, letting you plug it right into your API-oriented, low-latency microservices-based applications
  4. The content backend that you'd build if you had the time to do it well

Built to Last

  • Git-like Versioning

    Capture changes made by your editorial team with branches and full-site changeset versioning. Scroll back to any moment in time to compare, restore or rollback.

  • Security

    Secure your content with role-based, object-level access control, including user/group nesting, authority inheritance and propagated assignments.

  • Publishing

    Create and schedule multiple releases for future dates using branches, automatic conflict detection and editorial tools for diff, compare and merge.

  • Web Hooks

    Configure your own web hook endpoints to listen for HTTP calls whenever content is created, updated or deleted or event notifications are raised.

  • Content Models

    Design content types using JSON Schema, inheritance, and aspects (AOP). Deliver intuitive content entry forms that your editorial teams will love.

  • Search / Query

    Search, Query and Traverse around anything you put into Cloud CMS using ElasticSearch, MongoDB, our MIME Type extractors and the Graph API.

  • Workflow

    Orchestrate content approval and deployment across multiple participants, tasks and custom event handlers - spanning multiple environments.

  • Transfer

    Export, Import and Copy all of your content between Cloud CMS installations - on-premise or running in data centers within other regions.

Build Amazing Applications


    "category": "large"
}).each(function() {

Node / Express

req.branch(function(err, branch) {
        "category": "large"
    }).then(function() {
        res.render("products", {
            "nodes": this.asList()


ObjectNode q = JsonUtil.createObject();
q.put("category", "large");

ResultMap rs = branch.queryNodes(q);
for (BaseNode node: rs.values()) {

Learn about Cloud CMS

Customer Whitepaper

"We chose a product that only manages content, and that is doing only this, but that does it very well. It does not influence the design nor the technology we want to use to display that content. It is IOS, Android. PhP, Node, .Net, etc. friendly. It can be fully integrated in automated workflows.

It is a Headless CMS: Cloud CMS. This type of CMS does not make any assumption on technology or design, it does not display content, it just serves content as JSON."
Samuel Pouyt
Samuel Pouyt, Software Architect and Full Stack Developer
European Respiratory Society

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